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CeeMedia Review - Page 1
LinuxLinks Review
By Don Saunders


This is the first in a series of short reviews of Linux software that will track my conversion from a Windows world to a Linux environment. I have recently decided to install Ubuntu on a spare machine, to determine the viability of Linux as my primary operating system. I hope that this series of reviews will also interest users who are thinking of moving over to the Linux world. I will be focusing on the types of software that I use frequently, except for the office based applications. There are many existing reviews of Linux office software (such as OpenOffice) that I think it is unnecessary to go over this ground, although I am tempted to review OpenOffice 2.0. Many of these reviews will be of small utility programs.

One of my great passions is collecting films. I've been amassing DVDs for the past four years, and built up quite a sizeable collection. So there's no better place to start this series than by reviewing a Linux cataloging program. It's inevitable that throughout the series of mini reviews, I will make frequent references to Windows software, and for this review I will draw comparisons with the commercial software, Movie Collector. You may think that my comparisions are not particularly fair. For example, CeeMedia is free software and still in its early stages of developments, whereas Movie Collector costs 40 euros, and has had years of development. However, the purpose of these comparisions is merely to draw on my experiences, and it is this which determines my expectations of the software.

CeeMedia is GPL software written by Christian Storgaard and is billed as a movie cataloguing software that can search IMdb, All Movie Guide, and Amazon to assist you in compiling information about your movies. As CeeMedia is being developed using Ubuntu (the distro that I am using), I expected no problems in installing the software. CeeMedia is still in its early stages of development and isn't included in the Ubuntu repositories which meant that I couldn't install CeeMedia by downloading it using the Synaptic Manager. However, downloading the .deb file from the website, and installing it using sudo dpkg -i ceemedia_0.5.2.1.deb was trivial. Your mileage may vary with other distributions, as you may have to resort to compiling the source code yourself.

Installation completed let's see how CeeMedia performs...

In operation

Read ahead

1. Introduction
2. In Operation
3. Conclusion

Last Updated Sunday, October 23 2005 @ 03:39 PM EDT

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