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Cedega 4.2.1 Review - Part 9
LinuxLinks Review
By Kevin E. Glosser

Known Issues

The following is the complete list of POSSIBLE issues you MIGHT run in to when running Cedega. In addition to the problems, fixes will be listed so you can judge for yourself the amount of work needed to be done to get Cedega running. I reiterate that this list contains POTENTIAL issues, not a list of ACTUAL ones. For each Linux distribution and hardware combination it will vary as to if ANY of these actually affect Cedega.

The information I am listing is my interpretation summarized from the help documentation that you can download from TransGaming's website. It is not meant to be as descriptive or accurate as the official documentation. It should be noted that for full details the true help files should be consulted when necessary. Also beware as time progresses, changes in the Linux kernel may make certain known issues disappear or possibly add to the list.

  1. Prelink - Available in newer glibc versions in distro's such as Fedora Core, designed to reduce the startup time for applications which use dynamic libraries. The problem consists of these preloaded libraries potentially conflicting with the location Windows wants to place other things in memory. When the issue occurs Cedega will produce an error stating "stripped relocation records" or "address 0x400000 not available", which is normally always available in Windows.
  2. Exec-Shield - This is similar to the Prelink situation. It remaps exec code to lower memory addresses with same possibility of causing memory allocation errors.
  3. Legacy VA layout - This is common in newer distro's such as Fedora Core 2 and 3 and other distributions running kernel 2.6.9 and above. Here it is required for Legacy VA layout to be enabled.
  4. Exec - Some distributions will have different default mount options for the CDROM/DVD devices they support. The "noexec" option can cause Cedega to produce error "error=21" messages.
  5. AGP Memory - Some TransGamers may have issues with their BIOS setting of "AGP Aperture Size". This is much more likely on older hardware in my opinion.
  6. NVIDIA 66.29 drivers - There is a recommendation to patch this driver with a fix from NVIDIA that fixes an issue with allocating large amounts of AGP memory. Although, it was listed as "strongly recommended" I originally forgot to do it and later decided not to.
  7. ATI FireGL drivers - Some games have issues with these drivers.
  8. Pthread Stack Size - Some distributions limit the max stack size to 2 Mb for pthreads. This can result in a crash to the desktop on game launch or saving a level, affects a few titles.
  9. ATI cards and VBO - Graphical Vertex Buffer Object acceleration in Cedega 4.0 and higher is experimental. Some games have issue with it.
  10. HTML/Active X - Some games display HTML content. When they do they might call for Active X. This requires installation of Active X control.

NOTE: All of the above "known issues" DO have a "fix" or workaround listed. In other words, do not panic. Keep in mind your system may not require any of the fixes.


Read ahead

1. Introduction
2. Test Environment
3. Installation
4. World of Warcraft
5. Half-Life 2
6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
7. BlitzIn
8. Conclusion
9. Known Issues
10. Fixes
11. Glossary

Last Updated Wednesday, March 09 2005 @ 03:53 PM EST

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