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Linux Guide - X

  • X Extension
    An X extension is program code that extends the X server by adding some significant new functionality missing from the core X protocol, such as direct support for 3-D graphics.
  • X Image Extension
    Provides a mechanism for graphical image management in the client/server environment of X11
  • X Window System
    an advanced, network transparent, windowing, graphical environment, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and first released in 1984
  • X-Modem
    One of the earliest reliable file transfer protocols, Xmodem was written in 1977 by Ward Christiansen
  • X3D-PEX
    X3D-PEX, sometimes called PEX-5, is a version of the Phigs 3D graphics library. See X extension.
  • xdm
    X Display Manager - users need only to type in their username and password at a friendly prompt, and they are dropped directly into the graphical environment. This is simple and easy to use, and is seen frequently in college campuses, cyber cafes, business environments, anywhere you have users not necessarily familiar with Unix to any great extent
  • XInput extension
    a standard X extension. The goal of this extension is to allow additional input devices management to the X Window System.
  • XML
    eXtensible Markup Language (XML): a powerful new web markup language (ISO approval in February 1999). It is a powerful way of separating web content and style
  • XSL
    Extensible Stylesheet Language. A W3C standard (draft as of Mar'99) allows Web developers to apply formatting rules to XML documents. XSL allows for information about the formatted document's structure, differentiating between body, title, chapter, table of contents, and the like

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Last Updated Saturday, December 04 2004 @ 11:23 AM EST

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