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Linux Guide - T
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  • T1
    A term coined by AT&T for a system that transfers digital signals at 1.544 megabits per second
  • T3
    A digital carrier that can handle 44.736 megabits of digital data per second
  • tail
    Displays the last few lines of a file
  • tar
    An archiver that is used to combine many files and directories in single archive file. The name comes from 'Tape ARchive', since the utility was created to make tape backups of Unix systems
  • tarball
    A file created with the "tar" command containing a collection of other files
  • Tcl/Tk
    Tcl (generally pronounced "tickle") is a command language designed and first implemented by John Ousterhout. Tcl is an extensible, interpreted, programming language, which has been ported to a wide range of machines and operating systems. Tk (pronounced "Tee-kay") is an X-windows toolkit for Tcl. It is generally claimed that Tcl/Tk implementations of software require approximately 10 times less code than the corresponding software in C.
  • TCP/IP
    [Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol] The wide-area-networking protocol that makes the Internet work, and the only one most hackers can speak the name of without laughing or retching. Unlike such allegedly `standard' competitors such as X.25, DECnet, and the ISO 7-layer stack, TCP/IP evolved primarily by actually being used, rather than being handed down from on high by a vendor or a heavily-politicized standards committee
  • tcpwrappers
    acts as an intermediary between inetd and the server program to be run, providing a filtering "wrapper" that allows connections to be allowed or denied based on the host or network address
    To communicate with another Internet host using the TELNET (RFC 854) protocol (usually using a program of the same name)
  • termcap
    A file (pathname /etc/termcap) that describes the capabilities of each terminal that can be used on a given Linux system
  • Terminal adaptor
    A device that communicates between an ISDN network and TE2 devices (which are not ISDN compatible).
  • terminal emulator
    program that allows a computer to act like a (particular brand of) terminal, e.g. a vt-100. The computer thus appears as a terminal to the host computer and accepts the same escape sequences for functions such as cursor positioning and clearing the screen.
  • TeX
    An extremely powerful macro-based text formatter written by Donald E. Knuth, very popular in the computer-science community (it is good enough to have displaced Unix troff, the other favored formatter, even at many Unix installations)
  • text formatter
    A program that prepares text for printing, allowing you to produce indentation, margins, justification, headers, footers, pagination, and other forms of text enhancement
  • TFTP
    Trivial File Transfer Protocol: this is a simplified version of FTP without authentication and many other basic features. Often used for booting devices over a network
  • thick Ethernet
    also referred to as 10BASE5, is a way setting up Ethernet using thick coaxial cable
  • thin Ethernet
    also known as 10BASE2, is a way of setting up Ethernet using thin coaxial cable
  • thread
    One transaction or message in a multithreaded system.
  • threaded code
    A technique for implementing virtual machine interpreters, introduced by J.R. Bell in 1973, where each op-code in the virtual machine instruction set is the address of some (lower level) code to perform the required operation
  • Tiemann, Michael
    one of the original authors of the GNU C++ compiler. Ten years ago he co-founded Cygnus Support (now Cygnus Solutions) to commercialize support for the GNU compiler, debugger, and editor: gcc, gdb, and Emacs
  • TIFF
    Tagged Image File Format - a file format used for still-image bitmaps, stored in tagged fields
  • time-sharing
    A method of rotating processes that allows more than one user to have access to a computer system simultaneously. Each process is allocated a small segment of time in succession so that each user appears to have the computer to himself or hersel
  • Tk
    A graphics library that provides buttons, windows, and other graphical elements. It is often used with scripting languages such as Tcl and Perl
  • TLS
    stands for Transport Layer Security and is the protocol which almost all security enabled browsers use. It was designed by Netscape and was formerly known SSL or Secure Sockets Layer
  • Torvalds, Linus  - Biography
    The creator of the Linux operating system, Linus Torvalds began this work back in 1991 as part of his University studies. Linus holds the Linux trademark and acts as coordinator of the linux development project.
  • touch
    changes the access and/or modification timestamps of each specified file. These timestamps are changed to the current time, unless the -r option is specified, in which case they are changed to the corresponding timestamps of the file ref_file, or the -t option is specified, in which case they are changed to the specified time.
  • traceroute
    provides information concerning the route which packets must take to get from your computer (the server in this case) to a remote computer/server; typically used to diagnose possible problems in packet routing
  • traffic shaper
    a virtual network device that makes it possible to limit the rate of outgoing data flow over another network device. This is specially useful in scenarios (as ISP's), in which it is desirable to control and enforce policies regarding how much bandwidth is used by each client
  • Trojan horse
    A scheme for breaking into a UNIX system, named after the trick used to end the Trojan war
  • tty
    An abbreviation for TeleType, which is used in Linux to mean terminal. For example, tty03 means terminal number 3
  • Tux
    The name of the popular Linux penguin mascot

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