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Linux Guide - H

  • Haitzler, Carsten "Raster"
    best known for programming the Enlightenment window manager, but he has also contributed to the GNOME project specifications
  • half-duplex
    A communication mode that allows data to flow in only one direction at a time
  • Hall, Jon "Maddog"
    Jon is famous for his vocal attendance of important Linux events. He is executive director of Linux International, formerly of DEC (Compaq)
  • hard boot
    A boot initiated by hardware. This could be a computer power-up, a press of its reset button, or even a hardware glitch
  • hard link
    One of several directory entries which refer to the same Unix file. A hard link is created with the "ln" (link) command
  • Harrison, Geoff "Mandrake"
    a senior software engineer for VA Research. He's most commonly known as Mandrake, author of the "Current News" diary and the major contributor to the Enlightenment window manager
  • high-level language
    computer language that can be used on many different computer systems. By contrast, a low-level language refers to specific hardware locations and is inseparable from a specific hardware architecture. Another name for low-level language is assembly language
  • history
    In the C shell and the Korn shell, a list of command lines (or events) previously executed by a user
  • Hohndel, Dirk
    head developer for XFree86, the project that has implemented a totally free and widely used version of the X Window System for Linux, BSD, and OS/2
  • home directory
    the directory you are placed in immediately after you log in to the system
  • host
    A physical or virtual device with a "host" internet address, like That is, not a network address like . Typically, the device is a network interface device like an Ethernet card or a PPP controlled serial interface. Often, a computer is connected via only one such device, and it is thus natural to speak of "host" and "computer" synonymously and it is often done
  • HTML
    HyperText Markup Language: the underlying formatting for World-Wide-Web documents
  • HTTP
    Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
  • Hughes, Phil
    Phil is the publisher of the Linux Journal, an extremely important Linux paper based publication
  • Hurd
    The Hurd will be the foundation of the whole GNU system. It is built on top of the Mach 3.0 kernel, a free message-passing kernel developed by CMU. Mach's virtual memory management and message-passing facilities are extensively used by the Hurd. The GNU C Library will provide the Unix system call interface, and will call the Hurd for needed services it can't provide itself
  • Hypertext
    A system of "live" documents where a text file contains references to other documents that can be followed, thus linking documents to other related materials. The best known example is HTML

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Last Updated Saturday, December 04 2004 @ 10:40 AM EST

We have written a range of guides highlighting excellent free books for popular programming languages. Check out the following guides: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, Perl, Haskell, PHP, Lisp, R, Prolog, Scala, Scheme, Forth, SQL, Node.js (new), Fortran (new), Erlang (new), Pascal (new), and Ada (new).

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