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Linux Guide - E


  • echo
    To repeat on the screen characters that are entered at the keyboard. You can use the echo command to explicitly display a string of characters
  • editor
    A program that is used to make changes to a file. The two programs used most often on Linux systems are the programmable emacs editor and the full-screen vi visual interpreter
  • EGID
    the effective Group User ID that owns this process
  • EGP
    A network routing protocol
  • EL/IX
    the goal is to be a standards-compliant subset of POSIX and ANSI C
  • ELF
    Executable and Linking Format - a binary format that is much simpler to make shared libraries and dynamic loading. Originally developed by USL (UNIX System Laboratories)
  • Emacs
    The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. Emacs has special code editing modes, a scripting language (elisp), and comes with many packages for doing mail, news
  • emulator
    This term can refer to either hardware or software that performs emulation. Popular software emulators for Linux are wine and WABI which are Windows emulators.
  • environment
    A set of shell variables and their assigned values provided for each process that is called. The default environment for your terminal is stored in your home directory in a file called either .profile (Bourne or Korn shell) or .login (C shell). You can modify the environment by reassigning shell variables
  • errata
    Bug fixes to software
  • Ethernet
    a local area network (LAN) technology that transmits information between computers at speeds of 10 and 100 million bits per second (Mbps). Currently the most widely used version of Ethernet technology is the 10-Mbps twisted-pair variety
  • Ettrich, Matthias
    Founder of the KDE Project with development of kwm (the KDE Window Manager), kpanel, session management and klyx
  • EUID
    the effective User ID of the process
  • Ewing, Marc
    executive VP and CTO of Red Hat, developer of the most popular Linux distribution
  • executable
    A binary file containing a program in machine language which is ready to be executed (run)
  • execute
    To run a program. On a chmod command line, you can add or remove permission to execute a file using the x symbol. You must have execute permission for a directory to be able to change to that directory or to be able to include that directory's name in a pathname given on a command lin
  • EXT2
    The native filesystem for Linux which offers long file names, permissions, error tolerance and high throughput.
  • extension
    Part of a file name that follows a period (also known as a suffix). For example, C program source files have the extension .c
  • Extranet
    A means of networking that makes use of the Internet for private, encrypted communication. Extranets are often used to link two or more intranets

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Last Updated Saturday, October 29 2005 @ 03:12 AM EDT

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