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Maze Bomber 1.1.2

Zaurus Software Reviews: Maze Bomber 1.1.2
By Steve Emms

Maze Bomber is the second game that I've reviewed from Banasiak, a Polish software developer. This game is inspired from the old ZX Spectrum game, Bomberman. The mere mention of the Spectrum brings a fuzzy feeling back. With it's Italian salad keyboard, limited graphics, buzzer sound, the Spectrum was hardly a supercomputer. However, the games for this home computer were extremely addictive. Many a child's youth was mis-spent playing Atic Atac, Enduro Racer, Jetset Willy to name but three.

Installation of the game was trivial; it happily installed to the CompactFlash card. Applications which can only install to RAM are a royal pain. No problems here though.

The aim of the game is to destroy balloons. In Maze Bomber, balloons aren't just friendly objects full of hot air -- they kill you! You are a penguin (surprise, surprise), stuck in a maze full of these evil balloons. Your only hope of survival is to destroy the balloons with your supply of bombs. You move around the maze using the cursor keys. To plant a bomb you just press the select key. After 5 seconds this bomb will explode, killing any balloons (or you) that are in the vicinity. The bombs will also destroy parts of the maze, opening up trapped balloons.

There's not much more to the game than this. There's the option of being able to place 1-4 bombs at any one time, and setting the number of balloons that are in the maze. As you complete a level the number of balloons increases.

Unfortunately, the game isn't nearly as addictive as the old Spectrum games I loved to play. This is partly because you are given one life, which makes things a bit too random. Although the balloons are fairly intelligent, they did have the habit of reversing into a bomb, even when the penguin was fairly close by. I found it strange that points didn't come into the game. Part of the fun is trying to get a high score. Instead, Maze Bomber just increases the number of balloons as you complete a level.

The animation of the penguin is very poor, only the eyes blink when it moves, and I found the penguin fairly unresponsive to move about the maze.

This game is hard to recommend, although it only costs .

Product Details:

Name: Maze Bomber 1.1.2
Company: Banasiak
Price: .00
Pros: Inexpensive
Cons: Lucklustre animation/graphics, limited gameplay
Rating: 4/10

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Last Updated Friday, October 18 2002 @ 05:29 PM EDT

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