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Linux News

This service enables you to keep a pulse on the Linux scene. With the latest breaking articles, press releases and software announcements, you'll never be out of touch again.

The following benefits are available when you register.

  • Share your opinions and comments about the news stories with the Linux community.
  • Participate in online polls.
  • Full customization to suit your individual preferences.


It may be that you've just installed Linux and you're stuck at a login screen. Linux can be bewildering to the newcomer, and you need some help. At the LinuxLinks forums you can get expert assistance from its staff and the Linux community.

Alternatively, you may be more experienced with using UNIX/Linux (or even an expert) and want to share your experiences with fellow users.

When you sign up you'll get:

  • Technical support from the staff.
  • A private messaging system, to communicate with other members.
  • Powerful topic subscription capability: watch topics for replies.
  • A personal profile creation.


At our site, we have over 20,000 links divided into hundreds of individual categories. Now it's inevitable that some of these categories are going to interest you more than others.

Keeping up to date with your favorite categories is made really simple with our MyLinks service. This allows you to subscribe to our links categories. Once a day, we check to see if any links have been added to your subscribed categories. If there has been, we'll send you a newsletter describing these additions. This way, you can never miss out on what matters to you! Rest assured, we have a strict privacy policy.

The MyLinks service also lets you bookmark your favorite Linux links. This way, whether you're in the office, at a cybercafe or at home, you'll never be more than a click away from accessing your favorite sites.


Keeping up with Linux events can be tough, especially when there's just so much going on in the Linux scene. Each day there are events, workshops, seminars, Linux User Group meetings that you might want to attend, but just didn't know they were happening. Our calendar service is there to keep you informed.

Additionally, you can create your own personal calendar. Of course, it can be used for whatever you want: remind you when your anniversary is, appointments, meetings. It's your call.

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