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Ubuntu Tips - Boot Faster   
Wednesday, September 30 2009 @ 02:05 PM EDT
Contributed by: sde

With just a few modifications and some experimentation, your Ubuntu box can realise its untapped potential. We have identified 8 tips to help you achieve this. Most of the tips are really easy to implement, and are perfectly safe.

With the amazing feats performed by Linux kernel developers over the years, you might be tempted to think that systems installed with the latest Ubuntu distribution are already running at the fastest possible speed. However, this is often not the case. Ubuntu's developers, Canonical, have to appeal to a wide audience, and ensure that their distribution runs with a diverse set of hardware. This has the unfortunate consequence that systems are not always fully optimised.

How important the length of time a system takes to boot largely depends on the function it performs. For example, fast bootup times are inconsequential to a system administrator who reboots a server infrequently. However, desktop users typically do not leave their computer running constantly. To be productive, desktop users need to be up and running as quickly as possible. A slow boot can be very annoying for them especially if they only want to catch up with email or check the latest sporting results, before dashing out the door.

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