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The joy of X - master the Linux GUI   
Sunday, October 12 2008 @ 11:25 AM EDT
Contributed by: sde

If you're a Linux user you have no doubt heard of GNOME and KDE. These popular desktop environments are really the pinnacle of a deep iceberg of technology with the X-Windows graphical interface underpinning it all. Here are a couple of ways to tame X, kicking off a journey of unlimited ability to change the Linux look-and-feel.

This month’s theme is “I didn’t know you could do that in Linux,” and today we’ll look at X-Windows, commonly called just “X”, which is at heart a graphical windowing interface. It has been the graphical component of both UNIX and Linux systems for decades.

X controls the desktop and provides all the facilities that any graphical program – like Open Office, for instance – will use to make a window appear on screen, permit it to be moved, resized and all the other nuts and bolts.

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