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Does Linux suck or is it lusers who suck?   
Wednesday, October 08 2008 @ 03:54 PM EDT
Contributed by: sde

Statistics can hide a great deal of information. Especially the actual state of play in the consumer market.

Have consumers spoken and said: “Linux sux”? 100 reasons Linux beats Windows Toshiba's NB100 Netbook - yet another brandname cheapie! ASUS Eee Box gets unboxed in Australia at last! Virtual Linux, coming to a desktop near you That's why, until we have actual numbers tagged on to the story of the return of the MSI Wind netbook, it is premature to leap to conclusions .

Briefly, an official of MSI last week said that the return rate of MSI's netbooks running GNU/Linux (in this case a modified version of Novell's SUSE) was four times that of the same hardware running (or crawling with) Windows.

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