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Free to Play Linux Games on Steam - Page 2

No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell is a free to play Half-Life 2 Co-operative mod based on the popular Zombie Apocalypse scenario. It is a first person survival horror modification for the Source Engine, and is a standalone game.

Up to 8 unaffiliated human survivors can band together against the relentless zombie horde, with the ultimate goal of escaping this undead nightmare.

Teamwork and communication is essential to succeed, as weapons and supplies are scarce, and the undead won't stop until either you or they are dead. What is notable about No More Room in Hell is its dynamic objective maps that change with every playthrough, a realistic approach, a survival mode, and multiple opponents.

The mod is set during a time in which the world is on the verge of collapsing into chaos from a disease in which its origins are unknown. Many experts and organizations have their theories and ideas on how such a disease emerged and started to systematically destroy our very way of life, but one fact is clear to all. Whoever perishes from the disease gets up and kills, and the people they killed get up and kill.

No More Room in Hell was named 'Mod of the Year' for 2011 by PC Gamer magazine.

Features include:

  • Two gamemodes:
    • Objective mode - Survivors must complete a series of objectives that will allow them to be rescued
    • Survival - Wave-based survival run with supply drops and safe zones to maintain
  • Co-operative play with up to eight players
  • Voice and text communications limited by distance
  • Dynamic Objective Maps - The next playthrough may not be the same like the last
  • Survival Mode - Defend and maintain your shelter against the undead in the hopes of getting extracted to a safe area
  • A realistic approach: In short, no crosshairs and HUD. In addition, ammo and weapons are extremely scarce. With that in mind, aim down your sights and shoot for the head
  • Multitude of different opponents: Ranging from the iconic "walking zombie" to the more contemporary "runners", NMRiH will keep you on your toes with a mix of dangerous foes to face down. However, the most dangerous enemy may not always be the walking dead
  • Infection: One bite may be what it takes to bring you down. If infected, you must decide if you want to alert your team to rid you of your burden, or to keep quiet in the hopes of finding a cure
  • 34 weapons and counting, ranging from the diminutive .22 Target Pistol, to the almighty Chainsaw
  • No pay to win items
  • No ads
  • Powered by Source

No More Room in Hell in action

 No More Room in Hell

Closed Source

No More Room in Hell Team

Steam Store

OS: Ubuntu 12.04
CPU: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8 series or better, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 5 GB HD space
Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card

Manual, FAQ, Wiki, Forums, Twitter, Facebook

Selected Reviews:
Ghettobarney review

Cannons Lasers Rockets

Cannons Lasers Rockets (CLR) is a free-to-play cross-platform multiplayer PvP/Co-op arcade space game. It is a fast-paced, easy to learn, bright and colorful multiplayer space arcade that we aim to make equally enjoyable by hardcore and casual gamers.

CLR provides wide variety of combat roles fitting different playing styles (achieved by selecting one of many starships and further customizing it with enhancements) and both Individual and clan-based gameplay.

For victory you need only three tools - Cannons, Lasers and Rockets! Discover a spaceship MOBA game with 2D combat in 3D environment, wide variety of play styles and fun gameplay for casual and pro gamers alike.

Quickly learn how to control your spaceship, defeat your enemies and customize your spacecraft to suit your needs. Become a brave star pilot and fight other pilots for gold, for glory and for fun!

Features include:

  • Simplified controls
  • A dozen of ships to use in the main game mode
  • Provides 2D spaceship combat in a 3D environment
  • Interactive environment that can be used for combat advantage
  • Steam friends
  • Group-play support
  • PvP and Co-Op (PvE) gameplay
  • Dozens of maps and multiple mission types
  • Reputation system
  • Account-level system
  • Tutorial mode
  • Steam-based Leaderboards, achievements and special in-game challenges
  • Free-to-play, not pay to win
  • Cross-platform multiplayer

Cannons Lasers Rockets in action


Closed Source

Net Games Laboratory

Steam Store

CPU: Athlon II X2 220 (2.8GHz) or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB of VRAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 1500 MB available space

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Selected Reviews:


Dwarfs!? is a free arcade/strategy game set deep underground. Your goal is to explore a vast, randomly generated dungeon, while at the same time protecting your home town from harm.

It offers an addictive, fast paced arcade-like experience, with plenty of difficulties and game modes to play around in! In this game, your own Dwarfs double as your greatest asset and worst threat.

As the new overseer for your underground Dwarf base, your job is to manage the small colony and make it as rich as possible, before they meet their inevitable doom! To survive as long as possible, youíll have to steer and guide your greedy little fellows to the richest points in the caves, while avoiding all the dangers Ė so they donít end up destroying your Town Hall and its essential supply of beer.

Features include:

  • Fun for all ages and skill levels of gamers, with randomly-generated caves so the game is different every time
  • Addictive Arcade Mode: 4 difficulty levels ranging from casual to crazy hard-core, time limits from 5 minutes to endless, randomly-generated caves and all the gold and monsters you can handle
  • Base Defense Mode: Tower Defense gameplay, except you donít have a tower. And your Dwarfs dig the routes. Then you defend against waves of monsters
  • Rush Mode - where the Dwarf spawning knows no bounds
  • Dark Mode - where a fog of war prevents you from seeing beyond your caves
  • Campaign Challenges: Tutorials where you can learn all about being a Dwarf Overseer in a few minutes and Challenges where you can put those Overseer abilities to the ultimate test
  • Leaderboards: Compare the size of your beard (and your scores) with your friends and the rest of the world
  • Sandbox Mode - do everything you ever dreamed of by creating your own caves
  • Challenge Mode - where you can put your overseer-abilities to the test
  • Endless Mode - where you can keep mining forever, and ever
  • Codex: Alongside the integrated help system is the Codex Ė the fount of all Dwarf knowledge! Contains everything you need to know, including video tutorials for the budding Overseer
  • Medals and Achievements: Lots and lots of shiny stuff to collect and show off to your friends
  • Fully Integrated with Steamworks
  • And Zombies. Not to mention goblins, skeletons, spiders, dark elves and more

Dwarfs!? in action


Closed Source


Steam Store

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, fully updated
CPU: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia, ATI, or Intel GPU with hardware-accelerated drivers
Hard Drive: 250MB free hard drive space


Selected Reviews:
Indie Game Reviewer

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