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Puzzle Collection

Puzzle Collection

This is a collection of small open source computer programs which implement one-player puzzle games.

The actual games in this collection were mostly not the developer's invention; they are re-implementations of existing game concepts within a portable puzzle framework.


MIT License

Simon Tatham



Developer Documentation, Subversion

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Black Box - find the hidden balls in the box by bouncing laser beams off them
  • Bridges - connect all the islands with a network of bridges
  • Cube - pick up all the blue squares by rolling the cube over them
  • Dominosa - tile the rectangle with a full set of dominoes
  • Fifteen - slide the tiles around to arrange them into order
  • Filling - mark every square with the area of its containing region
  • Flip - flip groups of squares to light them all up at once
  • Galaxies - divide the grid into rotationally symmetric regions each centred on a dot
  • Guess - guess the hidden combination of colours
  • Inertia - collect all the gems without running into any of the mines
  • Keen - complete the latin square in accordance with the arithmetic clues
  • Light Up - place bulbs to light up all the squares
  • Loopy - draw a single closed loop, given clues about number of adjacent edges
  • Magnets - place magnets to satisfy the clues and avoid like poles touching
  • Map - colour the map so that adjacent regions are never the same colour
  • Mines - find all the mines without treading on any of them
  • Net - rotate each tile to reassemble the network
  • Netslide - slide a row at a time to reassemble the network
  • Pattern - fill in the pattern in the grid, given only the lengths of runs of black squares
  • Pearl - draw a single closed loop, given clues about corner and straight squares
  • Pegs - jump pegs over each other to remove all but one
  • Range - place black squares to limit the visible distance from each numbered cell
  • Rectangles - divide the grid into rectangles with areas equal to the numbers
  • Same Game - clear the grid by removing touching groups of the same colour squares
  • Signpost - connect the squares into a path following the arrows
  • Singles - black out the right set of duplicate numbers
  • Sixteen - slide a row at a time to arrange the tiles into order
  • Slant - draw a maze of slanting lines that matches the clues
  • Solo - fill in the grid so that each row, column and square block contains one of every digit
  • Tents - place a tent next to each tree
  • Towers - complete the latin square of towers in accordance with the clues
  • Twiddle - rotate the tiles around themselves to arrange them into order
  • Undead - place ghosts, vampires and zombies so that the right numbers of them can be seen in mirrors
  • Unequal - complete the latin square in accordance with the > signs
  • Unruly - fill in the black and white grid to avoid runs of three
  • Untangle - reposition the points so that the lines do not cross

Puzzle Collection in action

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