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Cascade Framework

Cascade Framework

Cascade Framework is an open source CSS framework with a tiny footprint but a feature set similar to Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation.

Cascade Framework splits CSS into seperate files based on features as well as by implementing a modifier design pattern inspired by SMACCS and OOCSS. Cascade Framework puts you in control.

Cascade Framework can be used for modern browsers and older browsers. All features of Cascade Framework support Internet Explorer from IE6 upwards. There is also a 'light' version of Cascade Framework.

 Cascade Framework

Free to download


MIT License

John Slegers


Support Sites:
Documentation, FAQ, Twitter

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Design agnostic
  • Choose between a Semantic Grid technique and a Presentational Grid technique
  • Grid uses a special padding element for its gutter
  • Based on a DRY OOCSS architecture optimised for both performance and flexibility
  • Uses a desktop first implementation of responsive design
  • Contains advanced components like "panels", "tab blocks" and "navigation" components that can be combined in various ways
  • Provides 4 custom builds, that combine different modules into a single file
  • Modular CSS
  • Total CSS code of Cascade Framework is only about 10kb minified and gzipped
  • Out-of-the-box support for phone, tablet and desktop
  • Works in all modern browsers as well as IE6+
  • JS features:
    • Feature detection: A slightly modified version of Modernizr (renamed "detector") is packed with Cascade Framework
    • Asynchronous loading: A user-friendly module loader built upon YepNope that will be released as a separate project in the near future
    • Form validation: uses Parsley
    • Charting: Responsive charts, using Flot under the hood
    • Generic behaviors: Closable, collapsible and other common behaviors
    • Polyfills: A couple of polyfills for old IE to add canvas support, support for unsupported HTML5 elements and attributes and console logging

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Last Updated Monday, May 05 2014 @ 03:19 AM EDT

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