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Dart is an open-source, dynamically typed, web programming language for structured web engineering developed by Google.

Dart is a class-based, single inheritance, object-oriented language with C-style syntax. It supports interfaces, abstract classes, reified generics, and optional typing. Static type annotations do not affect the runtime semantics of the code. Instead, the type annotations can provide documentation for tools like static checkers and dynamic run time checks.

Dart apps can run natively in a Dart virtual machine (VM) or be compiled to JavaScript.


Free to download

151MB (64-bit editor)
156MB (32-bit editor)

BSD License

Google, Inc


Overview, Tutorials, Mailing Lists, GitHub, Google+, Twitter

Selected Reviews:
O'Reilly, Linux Journal

Features include:

  • Familiar and easy to learn. Dart is class based and purely object oriented
  • Dynamically-typed language - code without requiring annotations
  • Supports top-level functions and variables
  • Classes - provide a set of reusable and extensible building blocks
  • Lexical scoping
  • Optionally-typed language - helps a Dart program scale from a quick prototype into a complex, modular application
  • Mixins
  • Operator overriding
  • Dart-to JavaScripter compiler, so that Dart applications can run in all modern web browsers (desktop and mobile). Dart code can also run directly in browsers that have a Dart VM
  • Core libraries provide all the basics, including support for asynchronous programming with Futures
  • Designed to work well with tools. A rich set of execution environments, libraries, and development tools have been built to support the language:
    • Dart Editor: An editor that supports creating, modifying, running, and debugging Dart apps
    • Pub: A package manager that helps developers reuse existing Dart code and bundle Dart apps and libraries for reuse and sharing with other people
    • dart2js: The Dart-to-JavaScript compiler
    • dart: The Dart VM
    • Dartium: Chromium with an embedded Dart VM

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Last Updated Tuesday, July 07 2015 @ 05:19 PM EDT

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