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Linux Group Tests - Part 4

This is the largest set of group tests available, and it is constantly being updated and new articles added. Almost all of the software featured in the group tests below is free to download (and open source).

This is the fourth of a five part of the article. The other parts cover:

Part 1: Gaming, Internet & Networking, Office
Part 2: Health, Desktop & Productivity, Science, Backup, Finance
Part 3: Programming, Text Editors, Education, System Administration, Religion, Family History, Humor
Part 5: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Documentation, Other Articles, Programming Languages Books, Free Proprietary Software, Android Devices

We are regularly adding new group tests, and intend to make this feature cover every different type of software. If you wish to suggest a new Group Test, please contact us by email at

Graphics & Multimedia
With a huge selection of open source software available, Linux offers the ideal environment for audio and video enthusiasts.
Graphics - Create, modify and convert 2D and 3D computer graphics
HDR Imaging - High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is an important technology for photographers
Renderers - Generate an image from a model (or a collection of models, known as a scene file)
Modelers - 3D Modelling Software
Vector Graphics (new) - Vector graphics editors
Flickr Tools - Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application
Camera Tools - Camera applications for RAW image files
Photo Metadata Editors - View and edit metadata tags interactively and save them in the graphics file
Small Image Tools - Small image tools that are incredibly useful
Image Viewers (new) - Picks the finest small image viewer tools
ASCII Art Tools (new) - Pictures put together from characters defined by the ASCII standard
RAW Processing Tools - Process RAW files
Webcam Tools - Software for video capture devices
Fractal Tools - Geometric shapes or quantities which displays self-similarity and non-integer dimension
Photo Management - Organize your digital image collection
Audio - Music players/managers, recording/editing and more
Audio Players - Enhanced functionality and integration with internet music services
Lightweight Audio Players - Finest audio players without the bloat
Magnificent Linux Music Streaming Clients (new) - Forget about vinyl and CDs
Pandora Radio Clients - Music streaming automated music recommendation service
Synthesizers - Create a known or unknown, common or unusual sound experience
Podcast Tools - Digital media consisting of an episodic program downloaded or streamed over the Internet
CD Audio Grabbers (new) - Extracts ("rip") the raw digital audio
Tag Editors - Edit metadata of multimedia files
Video - Players, video recorders, collection managers and more
Video Editors - Video editing is the process of editing motion video footage
Transcoders - Process of the conversion of digital data (typically video and audio files) from one format to another.
Media Centers - Turn your Linux box into a state of the art media center with an integrated easy-to-use interface
YouTube Tools (new) - Bypass the web-only barrier of YouTube
Subtitle Editors (new) - Create and edit subtitles
Screencasting - Digital recordings of computer screen output
Plain Text Screencasting Tools - Digital recordings of computer screen output
Screencasting (Updated) - Digital recordings of computer screen output
Computer Aided Design - Produce professional drawings
Music Notation - Open source alternatives to Sibelius and Finale
Alternative Music Players - Music players that undeservedly receive little publicity
Console Based Multimedia - Light on system resources
Guitar Tools - Applications that are targeted at guitarists
Speech Tools - Speech synthesizers, speech recognition software, speech recognition engines, and speech analysis
Music Servers - Turn your Linux box into a music server, distributing digital tracks over a network
DVD Tools - Play DVD multimedia, create DVD videos, software to write to them, and more
Dedicated multimedia distributions: 64 Studio, DeMiDi, dyne:bolic, and Ubuntu Studio

A kind of system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize and maintain the computer
Archive Managers - Brings together a group of files into a single archive file
Boot Utilities - Improve the load time of your system
Compression Tools - Storing data in a format that uses less space than the original representation uses
Diff Tools (new) - File comparison compares the contents of computer files
Disk Usage Analyzers - Helps users to visualize the disk space being used
System Cleaning - Vaccum up the detritus on your computer
Benchmark Tools - Assess the performance of your hardware
Digital Forensics - Allows investigations to be undertaken without modifying the media
Password Managers - Helps users to store and retrieve passwords and other data
Clipboard Managers - Small lean applications that focus on speed and efficiency
e-book Tools - Read e-books on a desktop computer or notebook
Terminal Multiplexers - Exploit the full power of the terminal
More Terminal Multiplexers (new) - Exploit the full power of the terminal
Top Terminal Multiplexer Tools (new) - Best of breed terminal multiplexer software
Dictionary Tools - Look up words and phrases or different languages in multiple dictionary file formats
Font Tools - Utilities for font management and editing
Alternatives to Top - Offer more control in managing processes on a running system
Keep a Watchful Eye with these Console Based Process Viewers (new) - More feature-laden alternative to top
Mobile Phone Management (new) - Mobile phone management tools
X10 Home Automation - X10 is an open standard for controlling home electrical equipment remotely
Crafting Tools - Software that aids cross-stitching and knot design
Making Linux More Accessible - Universal Access Tools

Web Applications
Applications that are accessed via web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. It is also a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported language (such as HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable.
Google Analytics Alternatives - Retain full control over your data
Web Application Frameworks - Supports the development of dynamic websites, web services, and web applications
Complete Frameworks for Quick Styling of Websites - Provide a basis to start building a web site
Lightweight Frameworks to Kick Start HTML / CSS Projects
JavaScript Frameworks - An important element in creating professional websites
Web Content Management Systems - Keeps track of content on a website
Wiki Engines - A type of collaborative software that runs a Wiki system
Issue Tracking Systems - Help to manage and maintain lists of issues in a number of ways
Blog Applications - Maintain an ongoing chronicle of information on a website
More Blog Software - Additional great software to create and maintain weblogs
eCommerce - Shopping cart software
More eCommerce - Shopping cart software
Point-of-Sale - Track sales and inventory as they occur
Human Resource Management - Managing an organisation's human capital
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Software
CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software
Content Control - Determines what content can be viewed by the user
Web Hosting Control Panels - Simplifies the process of managing servers
Data Warehouse - Repository of an organization's electronically stored data
Web Caches - Reduce bandwidth usage, improve latency, and minimise server load
Business Intelligence - Design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources
More Business Intelligence - Good quality software not featured in the Group Test above
Web Server Performance Testing Tools - Offer accurate and reliable benchmarking
Lightweight Alternatives to WordPress - Good blog publishing systems perfectly suited for small projects

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