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20 of the Best Free Python Books - Part 4

20 of the Best Free Python Books - Part 4

16. Programming Computer Vision with Python

Programming Computer Vision with Python
Author Jan Erik Solem
Format PDF
Pages 300

This book gives a hands-on introduction to the underlying theory and algorithms of computer vision (images, videos, etc). It seeks to explain computer vision in simple terms, without becoming too embroiled in theory. You will learn techniques for object recognition, 3D reconstruction, stereo imaging, augmented reality, and other computer vision applications as you follow clear examples written in Python. There are complete code samples with accompanying explanations.

The Python language compes with many powerful modules for handling images, mathematical computing and data mining.

The final draft of the book is released under a Creative Commons license.

Topics covered include:

  • Learn techniques used in robot navigation, medical image analysis, and other computer vision applications
  • Work with image mappings and transforms, such as texture warping and panorama creation
  • Compute 3D reconstructions from several images of the same scene
  • Organize images based on similarity or content, using clustering methods
  • Build efficient image retrieval techniques to search for images based on visual content
  • Use algorithms to classify image content and recognize objects
  • Access the popular OpenCV library through a Python interface

17. Python for you and me 0.2

Python for you and me
Author Kushal Das
Format PDF, HTML
Pages 70

This book is designed for newcomers to the Python programming language. It is released under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.2 or later.

Topics covered include:

  • Variables and Datatypes
  • Operators and expressions
  • Control flow
  • Looping
  • Data structures
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • File handling
  • Class
  • Modules
  • Collections module
  • Virtual Python Environment builder

18. Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python
Author Bradley W. Miller and David L. Ranum
Format HTML
Pages 432

This textbook is designed to serve as a text for a first course on data structures and algorithms, typically taught as the second course in the computer science curriculum.

The objectives of this book are:

  • To review the ideas of computer science, programming, and problem-solving
  • To understand abstraction and the role it plays in the problem-solving process
  • To understand and implement the notion of an abstract data type
  • To review the Python programming language
    • Getting started with data
      • Built-in atomic data types
      • Built-in collection data types
    • Input and output
      • String formatting
    • Control structures
    • Exception handling
    • Defining functions
    • Object-oriented programming in Python
  • Discussion questions
  • Programming exercises

19. The Art and Craft of Programming Python Edition

The Art and Craft of Programming Python Edition
Author John C. Lusth
Format PDF, HTML
Pages 115

This book is designed to be used as the primary textbook in a college-level first course in computing. It takes a fairly traditional approach, emphasizing problem solving, design, and programming as the core skills of computer science. However, these ideas are illustrated using Python.

Although Python is used as the language, teaching Python is not the focus of this book. Rather, Python is used to illustrate fundamental principles of design and programming that apply in any language or computing environment. In some places, the author has deliberately avoided certain Python features and idioms that are not generally found in other languages. There are already many good books about Python on the market; this book is intended as an introduction to computing.

Topics covered include:

  • Literals, Combining Literals
  • Precedence and associativity
  • Variables
  • Assignment
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Input and output
  • Scope
  • Loops
  • Lists
  • Recursion
  • Two-dimensional arrays

20. Python Programming

Python Programming
Author Many contributors
Format PDF, HTML, eBook
Pages 159

This book describes Python, an open-source general-purpose interpreted programming language. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic syntax, data types, numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries, sets, operators
  • Flow control, functions, scoping, exceptions, input and output
  • Modules, classes, metaclasses, regular expression
  • GUI programming covering Tkinter, PyGTK, PyQt, wxPython, Dabo, pyFltk, and other toolkits
  • Game programming in Python: 2D and 3D
  • Sockets, Files
  • Database programming
  • Web page harvesting
  • Threading
  • Extending with C and C++
  • WSGI web programming

Back to the Beginning: 20 of the Best Free Python Books - Part 1

This article is divided into four parts:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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Last Updated Sunday, May 25 2014 @ 03:58 PM EDT

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