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mobl is an programming language and open-source multiple phone web-based application framework. The programming language is statically typed and targets mobile phones that support JavaScript and HTML5.

mobl generates client-side HTML5-based mobile web applications with no dependency on server-side technology. This means that applications developed with mobl can communicate with Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP or any other server-side technology.


Free to download

264MB (includes Eclipse)

MIT License

Zef Hemel


System Requirements

Support Sites:
Google Groups,, github, mobl lecture

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Automatically transforms synchronous code to asynchronous code using continuation-passing style transformation
  • Reactive programming support
  • Built as an Eclipse plug-in
  • Compile on save. Simply make changes to your application, save the file and reload it in the mobile browser
  • Syntax similar to WebDSL and Javascript
  • Generates 100% client-side HTML5-based mobile web applications
  • No dependency on server-side technology, i.e. mobl applications can communicate with Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP or any other server-side technology
  • Compiler generates HTML5/Javascript/CSS mobile web applications
  • Applications are principally offline-capable (operate without an Internet connection)
  • Applications run on modern Webkit-based browsers, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (2.0+), WebOS, Safari and Chrome
  • Statically-typed language with type inference, enabling static verification of entire application and accurate IDE features, including code completion, inline error reporting and reference resolving
  • Integrates all aspects of a mobile web application into a single language: data modeling, user interfaces, application logic, styling and web services
  • Store data in local databases on the mobile device
  • No more SQL: mobl transparently handles all database access, it automatically creates the database schema and automatically manages object persistence
  • Queries are performed using mobl’s statically checked query language. No more SQL queries embedded in strings
  • Concise, textual language for defining user interfaces
  • Reactive programming: user interfaces automatically update to reflect changes in application state.
  • Create custom reusable control libraries
  • Fall back to HTML and jQuery, if necessary
  • Statically typed scripting language with Javascript-like syntax
  • Synchronous coding style, compiled to efficient, asynchronous Javascript code

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Last Updated Sunday, April 27 2014 @ 02:21 PM EDT

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