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FunkLoad is an open source functional and load Web tester whose main use cases are functional testing of Web projects (and thus regression testing as well), performance testing, load testing (such as volume testing or longevity testing), and stress testing.

FunkLoad can also be used to compile web agents by scripting any web repetitive task

The tool supports recording clicks through a website, saving them into a Python class which you can later modify, and playing them back later. This allows you to script your web applications. Funkload also supports performance and load testing your applications.

 FunkLoad 1.17.0b

Free to download



Benoit Delbosc


System Requirements
Python 2.5 or higher
Python disutils
Python xml

gnuplot 4.2

Demo, github, FAQ

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Easy to configure
  • A single tool for functional tests and several types of performance tests
  • Functional test are pure Python scripts using the pyUnit framework like normal unit test. Python enable complex scenarios to handle real world applications
  • Truly emulates a web browser (single-threaded) using an enhanced Richard Jonesí webunit:
    • get/post/put/delete support
    • Post any kind of content type like application/xml
    • DAV support
    • Basic authentication support
    • File upload and multipart/form-data submission
    • Cookies support
    • Referrer support
    • Accept gzip content encoding
    • HTTPS support
    • HTTPS with ssl/tls by providing a private key and certificate (PEM formatted)
    • http_proxy support
    • Fetching css, javascript and images
    • Emulating a browser cache
  • Advanced test runner with many command-line options:
    • Set the target server url
    • Display the fetched page in real time in your browser
    • Debug mode to display http headers
    • Check performance of a single page (or set of pages) inside a test
    • Green/red color mode
    • Select or exclude tests cases using a regex
    • Support normalpyUnit test
    • Supportdoctest from a plain text file or embedded in python docstring
  • Turn a functional test into a load test: just by invoking the bench runner you can identify scalability and performance problems. If needed the bench can distributed over a group of worker machines.
  • Detailed bench reports in ReST, HTML, Org-mode, PDF (using LaTeX/PDF Org-mode export) containing:
    • The bench configuration
    • tests, pages, requests stats and charts
    • The requets that took the most time
    • Monitoring one or many servers cpu usage, load average, memory/swap usage and network traffic charts
    • An http error summary list
  • Differential reports to compare 2 bench reports giving a quick overview of scalability and velocity changes
  • Trend reports to view the performance evolution with multiple reports
  • Easy test customization using a configuration file or command line options
  • Easy test creation using embeded TCPWatch as proxy recorder, so you can use your web browser and produce a FunkLoad test automatically, including file upload or any ajax call
  • Provides web assertion helpers to check expected results in responses
  • Provides helpers to retrieve contents in responses page using DOM
  • Successfully tested with dozen of differents web servers: PHP, Python, Java
  • Written and scripted in pure Python

FunkLoad in action

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