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The Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System (STSDAS) is a software package for reducing and analyzing astronomical data. This package is layered on top of IRAF and provides general-purpose tools for astronomical data analysis as well as routines specifically designed for HST data.

STSDAS runs in the IRAF environment. IRAF provides the user interface (command language, or CL) and general purpose graphic and image display facilities. Because STSDAS is layered on IRAF, the system runs on any computing platform for which an IRAF port is available.

 STSDAS 3.17

Free to download


Public Domain

Science Software Branch of the Operations and Engineering Division at STScI.


System Requirements

Documentation, Release Notes

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • General-purpose tools for astronomical data analysis as well as routines specifically designed for HST data
  • Programs used for the calibration and reduction of HST data in the STScI post-observation processing pipelines
  • Includes the same calibration routines as are used in the STScI operational data processing pipeline
  • Data analysis packages
  • Dithered image combination
  • Curve fitting tools
  • Fourier analysis
  • Elliptical isophote image analysis
  • Tasks for analyzing nebular emission lines
  • Deconvolve or filter 1- or 2-dimensional images
  • Statistical analysis software
  • Tasks for determining redshifts and dispersions
  • Tasks for fitting spectra with non-linear chi-square minimization
  • Spectral image reduction for VLA data
  • FITS input/output for Space Telescope data (images and tables)
  • Graphics and image display packages
  • Image display package for SAOImage display device
  • General plotting utilities
  • HST Science Instrument calibration packages
  • Tasks for calibrating ACS data
  • General calibration tools
  • Tasks for calibrating FOC data
  • FOC prism package
  • Tasks for calibrating FOS data
  • Tasks for reducing and analyzing FOS polarimetry observations
  • Tasks for calibrating HRS data
  • Tasks for calibrating NICMOS data
  • General-purpose tasks that handle NICMOS IMSETs
  • Tasks for generating paper products
  • Tasks for calibrating STIS data
  • Tasks for synthetic photometry and modelling instrument response
  • Tasks for calibrating WFPC and WFPC-2 data
  • Tasks for deriving the WF/PC instrument calibration
  • OC calibration software package
  • FOC geometry package
  • FOC photometry package
  • Tasks for calibrating HSP data
  • Compute registration parameters and resample unaligned data files
  • Tools for creating artificial images
  • Time series photometry data reduction and analysis
  • Tasks supporting the FOS calibration process
  • Tasks supporting the HRS calibration process
  • Tools for modifying image headers
  • Tools for manipulating & examining images and bad pixel lists
  • Tasks to handle STIS/NICMOS IMSETs
  • Generic data handling and utility tools
  • Table manipulation tools

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