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Mitsuba is an extensible rendering framework written in portable C++. It implements unbiased as well as biased techniques and contains heavy optimizations targeted towards current CPU architectures.

Mitsuba comes with a command-line interface as well as a graphical frontend to interactively explore scenes. While navigating, a rough preview is shown that becomes increasingly accurate as soon as all movements are stopped. Once a viewpoint has been chosen, a wide range of rendering techniques can be used to generate images, and their parameters can be tuned from within the program. .

Mitsuba can transparently distribute work over a cluster without the need for a shared filesystem. Most implemented algorithms can be run in parallel over massive numbers of networked cores.

 Mitsuba 0.5.0

Free to download



Wenzel Jakob


System Requirements
libbost-filesystem 1.42 or higher

Documentation, FAQ, Development Blog

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Available rendering techniques:
    • Direct illumination
    • Monte-Carlo path tracer which solves the full Radiative Transfer Equation
    • Photon mapper with irradiance gradients
    • Adjoint particle tracer
    • Instant Radiosity (hardware-accelerated)
    • Progressive Photon Mapper
    • Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapper
    • Veach-style Bidirectional Path Tracer
    • Kelemen-style Metropolis Light Transport
    • Veach-style Metropolis Light Transport
  • Supports the most commonly used scattering models: Lambertian surfaces, ideal dielectrics & mirrors as well as the the Phong & anisotropic Ward BRDFs
  • Compute global illumination solutions in scenes containing large isotropic or anisotropic participating media
  • Internally uses a O(n log n) SAH kd-tree compiler with support for primitive clipping (aka. perfect splits). The ray tracing core is built on Havran's fast traversal algorithm
  • Data exchange with the major modeling packages is supported using the COLLADA file format. Mitsuba can read DAE files and convert them into its native XML-based file format
  • Spectral rendering, black body radiation and dispersion
  • Customizable image reconstruction filters
  • High dynamic-range input/output using the OpenEXR format
  • Deterministic Quasi-Monte Carlo sampling
  • Adaptive integration
  • Depth of field

Mitsuba in action

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Last Updated Friday, July 03 2015 @ 08:07 AM EDT

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