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Chess for Android is a chess application for the Android platform that supports the Universal Chess Interface (UCI). This feature allows users to import third party chess engines into the application. It has a good range of features combined with a well designed interface.

Chess in Action Chess in action


  • Play against your Android device
  • Playing levels ranging from 1 ply to 10 ply or level times from 4 seconds to 15 minutes to give varying levels of strength
  • Play online on the Free Internet Chess Server
    • Includes Timeseal which acts as a relay station and keeps track of transmission times so that this time is counted on your clock. In other words, timeseal compensates for internet lag ensuring that you are not penalised for a poor net connection
  • Play online on the Internet Chess Club (highly experimental implementation)
  • Solve 500 puzzles tough mate in two. The goal is to find the first move that leads to a forced mate within two moves
  • Practice checkmate skills
  • Contains an opening database
  • Create your own opening database
  • Navigate through an entire game history
  • Set up the board
  • Supports Chess 960 (also known as Fischer Random Chess), a chess variant invented by the infamous World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. It employs the same board and pieces as standard chess, but the starting position of the main pieces is randomized
  • Save and edit games
  • Show PGN history
  • Import and export games via e-mail or clipboard
  • Supports a number of different UCI engines such as:
    • Robbolito - a strong open-source chess engine with an ELO of approximately 3300
    • Stockfish - implements an advanced alpha-beta search and uses bitboards
    • Bikjump - Iterative deepening with alpha-beta pruning and quiescent search. Transposition table, null move pruning, and tactical extensions
  • Different piece sets
  • Touch-screen interface
Web site:
Jeroen Carolus
Group Groups, How to install a UCI Engine - YouTube

Chess (by jwtc) is a competent chess client offering both local and internet play combined with good functionality. Chess960 is a welcome addition. The game used to have advertisements but these have been removed in recent versions.


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Last Updated Wednesday, September 25 2013 @ 03:16 PM EDT

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