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VVVVVV is a retro-styled puzzle platformer game by Terry Cavanagh. Its name is pronounced simply "V", as five of the six Vs in the name are silent. The game's characters are six space travellers, all of whom have names beginning with the letter V. These characters include Captain Viridian, the playable character, as well as five other crew members of the D. S. S. Souleye: Violet, Victoria, Vermillion, Vitellary and Verdigris.

The principal mechanic of the game is gravity flipping. In VVVVVV, the player is unable to jump. Instead, they can flip gravity and fall upward to the ceiling (or downward to the floor if they are already on the ceiling). VVVVVV's level design explores this simple mechanic, presenting the player with novel challenges and puzzles throughout the game. The sequences and puzzles in VVVVVV are very difficult, but the player is not penalized much for dying as they instantly restart at a nearby checkpoint. The game has an open world design, meaning the players don't have to do most of the levels in any order. They are free to roam around the game until they find a level they would like to explore.


Part of the Humble Indie Bundle #3

Terry Cavangh


CPU: Pentium III 1133 MHz
Hard disk: 50MB
Graphics: Radeon 7000

Wiki, Forums

Selected Reviews:
Destructoid, GamesRadar, EuroGamer, DIYgamer, Kotaku, The A.V. Club

Features include:

  • 2 dimensions:
    • Dimension VVVVVV
    • The Polar Dimension
  • 6 main levels
  • 2 intermission levels
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Soundtrack features over 30 minutes of original chiptunes by Magnus Pålsson
  • Level editor
  • Accessibility options

VVVVVV in action

VVVVVV in action

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