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OrientDB is an open source document-graph database with the support of ACID Transactions, SQL and native queries, asynchronous commands, intents, and much more.

OrientDB can store 150,000 documents per second on common hardware. Even with a document-based database, the relationships are managed as in graph databases, with direct connections among records. Traverse entire or parts of trees and graphs of records in a few milliseconds. It supports schema-less, schema-full, and schema-mixed modes, has a strong security profiling system based on users and roles, and supports SQL between the query languages.

OrientDB adheres to the NoSQL movement even if supports a subset of SQL as query language. In this way it is easy to start using it without to learn too much new stuff.

 OrientDB 2.0.10

Free to download


Apache 2 license

Luca Garulli / Orient Technologies


System Requirements
Java SE 6

Wiki, Forum, TutorialsGitHub,

Selected Reviews:
Alex Popescu

Features include:

  • Designed to be extremely fast
  • Extremely light on system resources with no dependencies and no libraries needed
  • Supports ACID transactions. On crash it recovers the pending documents
  • Native management of graphs. 100% compliant with TinkerPop Blueprints standard for GraphDBs
  • Supports SQL language with extensions to handle relationships without JOINs, manage trees and graphs of connected documents
  • Supports natively HTTP, RESTful protocol and JSON without use 3rd party libraries and components
  • Local mode: Direct access to the database bypassing the Server. Perfect for scenarios where the database is embedded
  • SQL: supports SQL language with extensions to handle relationships without SQL join, manage trees and graphs of connected documents
  • Web ready: supports natively HTTP, RESTful protocol and JSON without use 3rd party libraries and components
  • Supported types: String, byte, short, integer, long, float, double, boolean, date, datetime, binary, link, link list, link set, link map, embedded, embedded list, embedded set, and embedded map
  • Native support for the inheritance classes taken by the Object Orientation paradigm
  • Drivers to use OrientDB through different languages: Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby, Scala, C Language binding
  • Easy JAVA APIs
  • Embeddable
  • Runs on any platform

OrientDB in action

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