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Bitfighter is a free multi-player 2-D space combat game with Robotron-like controls. It is a team-based strategy game featuring retro vector graphics and customizable ships. The game is fast, addictive, and hectic.

In Bitfighter, you control a triangular ship. Your goal depends on the game type. You might be attempting to capture a flag or shoot a ball into a goal. You might be gathering flags or capturing zones. You'll come into contact with enemy players, who you must fight with the various weapons you have chosen. Each weapon has their own strategic purpose. Bouncer, for example, is a type of projectile that bounces off of walls. This would be useful for a level with tight corridors.

You'll be assisted with modules, which you can also choose. Each of these modules also serve their own unique purpose. Cloak allows you to turn invisible for a short period of time. It is perfect for sneaking up on enemies.

Enemy players aren't your only problem. Enemy turrets are stationary, automatic firing devices that have a strong determination to destroy you. Enemy laserbeams don't harm you, but they attempt to block your path. Luckily, both of these devices can be destroyed, but it won't be easy. Games can have a strategic flavour, or players can just enjoy blasting one another.






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Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Customizable ships with 2 modules and 3 weapons. Modules give special powers; Weapons: Phaser, Bouncer, Triple, Burster, Mine, and Spy Bug
  • Multiple game types:
    • Capture the Flag - Team game where the objective is to take the enemy's flag and return it to your flag
    • Soccer - Team game where the objective is to move the ball into the opponent's goal
    • Zone Control - Team game with a single flag and multiple "capture zones"
    • Retrieve - One or more flags are scattered throughout the level. Teams compete to bring these flags back to team-colored goal zones
    • Hold the Flag - You get a flag and hold it to your goals/capture zones, where other players can steal it
    • Nexus - Solo game where the objective is to collect flags from other players and return them to the Nexus for points
    • Rabbit - Solo game with one flag that all players fight to control
    • Bitmatch - Solo or team game with the simple goal of killing as many opponents as possible
  • Full-featured game editor
  • Lua scripting
  • Solid network play for excellent internet playability
  • Tools for remote server management

Bitfighter in action

Bitfighter in action

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