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Linux Group Tests - Part 3

This is the largest set of group tests available, and it is constantly being updated and new articles added. Almost all of the software featured in the group tests below is free to download (and open source).

This is the third in a five part article. The other parts cover:

Part 1: Gaming, Internet & Networking, Office
Part 2: Health, Desktop & Productivity, Science, Backup, Finance
Part 4: Graphics & Multimedia, Utilities, Web Applications
Part 5: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Documentation, Other Articles, Programming Languages Books, Free Proprietary Software, Android Devices

We are regularly adding new group tests, and intend to make this feature cover every different type of software. If you wish to suggest a new Group Test, please contact us by email at

Linux provides everything a developer could want in the coding department.
Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) - for software development
Python IDEs - Quicken the pace of Python development
Cross-Platform IDEs - Highly Promising Cross-Platform IDEs
Rich Internet Application Frameworks - Create web applications for a full range of different formats and platforms
Compilers - Converts language statements into machine code
Debuggers - Essential in any software development
Revision Control Applications - Essential tools for programming collaboration
Documentation Generators - Generates documentation intended for programmers and end users
Programming Languages to Shake up the Mix? - Newfangled programming languages
Lightweight Markup Languages - Produce high quality annotated text
Mobile Application Development Frameworks - Software that is created for handheld devices
Programming Tools for Kids - Provide an ideal introduction to programming
Git Clients - Distributed version control systems

Text Editors
A text editor is software used for editing plain text files. It has many different uses such as modifying system configuration files, writing programming code, jotting down thoughts, or even making a grocery list.
Editors - This article covers console, graphical, HTML editors, and text processing software
Alternative Text Editors - Other first class editors
Distraction-Free Compact Text Editors (new) - Great for remote editing and much more
Distraction-Free Tools for Writers (new) - Helps you focus on writing without interruption
Markdown Editors (new) - Markdown is a minimal markup language
HTML Editors - Covers simple editors that are suitable for beginners, to editors that are targeted towards programmers

Linux makes an stable and reliable platform for educational purposes.
Open Source Meets Education - Targeted at instructors and educational institutions
e-Learning - Computer and network-enabled transfer of knowledge, behaviors, and skills
Classroom - Manage a computer-based classroom
Flashcards - Flashcards are one of the best tools for memorizing information
Foreign Language - Learning a new language can provide life changing opportunities and enjoyment
Typing Tutors - Learn to type properly
Library Management Systems - Integrated library systems
Tools to Empower Librarians (new) - Robust, scalable and flexible software
Student Information Systems - For educational institutions to manage student data
Music education - Smarten your ears, learn music theory and language
Bibliography Tools - Reference management software for scholars and authors
Tools for Writers - Software that is designed for novelists, scriptwriters, academics, and journalists

System Administration
System administration plays an essential role in the maintenance and operation of computer systems and networks.
Configuration Management Databases - Repository of information related to the various components of an information system
Mailing List Managers - Enables users to manage electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists
Disk cloning - Create, destroy, resize, move, check and copy partitions
Disk Image Tools (new) - Work with disk images
Partitioning Tools - Provision new hardware, restore computers from a master image, perform system recovery
Configuration Management - Automatically manage the entire configuration of one or multiple computers
Server Provisiong Tools - Simultaneously set up thousands of machine unattended
Application Servers - Provides the business logic for an application program
Data Recovery - Retrieve data from corrupted or damaged storage media
Log Analyzers - For collecting, parsing, storing, and making sense of logs
Logfile Viewers - To help identify (potential) issues with a server
Lightweight Web Servers - Delivers web pages on request to clients using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Customer Service Trouble Ticketing Software - For running a help desk
System Recovery - Help users to recover data in a range of circumstances
System Profilers - Hardware information tools
Handy Hard Disk Utilities for System Tweakers
Choosing a Journaling File System - Special type of file system

Religion and Spirituality
Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.
Bible - Helps to make religious studies more effective, more organised, and more rewarding
Astrology - Connection between the movement of heavenly bodies and events that take place on Earth

Family History
Tracing your ancestry is painstaking work, can be extremely addictive and creates large amounts of data. Software which offers tailored functionality, to store data and relationships between parents, spouses and children, as well as handling additional events in an individual's life, photographs, free-form notes, and other multimedia, and source citations.
Family History - This article covers native Linux clients, Java and web based software

The lighter side of Linux
Comic Book viewers - Utilities for reading comic books

Go to Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, and Part 5.

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