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NASA Vision Workbench

NASA Vision Workbench

NASA Vision Workbench is a C++ image processing and machine vision library.

The Vision Workbench has been used within NASA for a wide range of image processing tasks, including alignment and stitching of panoramic images, high-dynamic-range imaging, texture analysis and recognition, lunar and planetary map generation, and the production of 3D models from stereo image pairs.

NASA Vision Workbench was designed to support a variety of space exploration tasks, including automated science and engineering analysis, robot perception, and 2D/3D environment reconstruction, though it can also serve as a general-purpose image processing and machine vision framework in other contexts as well.

It is specifically designed for image processing in the context of machine vision.

 NASA VW 2.2.0

Free to download


NASA Open Source
Agreement 1.3

NASA Ames Research Center


System Requirements

Documentation, Mailing List, github

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Solid efficient foundation
  • 'Lazy' computation model
  • Scalable support for block-level operations on images
  • Easy to understand end-user syntax
  • Modules:
    • Camera
      • pinhole and linescan camera models
      • EXIF metadata parsing
      • bayer filter decoding
    • Cartography
      • transformation between map projections
      • geo-referenced file IO (GeoTIFF, etc)
    • Core
      • exception handling
      • debugging support
      • type system support
      • cache support
    • FileIO
      • reading and writing JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDS, OpenEXR files (requires 3rd party libraries)
      • image paging support for large files
    • HDR
      • high dynamic range image creation from bracketed low dynamic range exposures
      • camera response curve estimation
      • global and local tone mapping operators
    • Image
      • convolution convolve images with linear filters
      • algebra image addition, subtraction, and multiplication by a scalar
      • math perform per pixel math operations on images (e.g., abs, hypot, sqrt, pow, exp, log, sin, cos, asin, acos, atan2, etc.)
      • transformations translation, rotation, scale, resampling, arbitrary warps
      • image statistics
    • Math
      • vector, matrix, quaternion and linear algebra (interface to LAPACK)
      • optimization levenberg-Marquardt, conjugate gradient
      • homographies estimation of relations between geometric entities
      • bounding boxes Determination of geometric extent
    • Mosaic
      • assembling large image composites from many source images
      • multi-band blending
      • generating on-disk quad-tree representations of extremely large images
    • Stereo
      • correlating stereo pairs of images
      • stereo camera models for 3D reconstruction
      • outlier rejection

Image processed by NASA Vision Workbench

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