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Xlogmaster is software that lets you monitor everything that is going on on your system effortlessly. This software can monitor an almost infinite number of logfiles and all devices.

It allows reading logfiles, devices or running status-gathering programs, translating all data (if desired) and displaying it with filters for highlithing / lowlighting / hiding lines or taking actions upon user-defined events.

Xlogmaster can be configured to take almost any action you can think of upon certain events and helps you keeping track of everything and increasing system security. On a regular expression base, you can hide, raise or lower lines in the logfile and set triggers, which can launch scripts or pop-up a window.

 Xlogmaster 1.6.2

Free to download



Goerg C.F. Greve


System Requirements
GTK+ 1.2.1 or higher

Tutorial, FAQ

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Three different modes which are named after the programs they emulate:
    • Tail mode - reads the file and then check back in regular intervals (default: 0.3 seconds) whether anything has changed
    • Cat mode - keeps on "catting" the file/device you have given it in user defined intervals
    • Run mode - allows starting a program and retrieving it's stdout
  • Plugin support which enables output to be translated in any way
  • Keyboard accelerators
  • Catches logfile rotation
  • Supports personal entry database and a system wide entry database
  • Filters:
    • Class 0 - Filters being applied at display time:
      • Hide - Lines that trigger this action will be hidden without paying attention whether the line triggered other Class 0 filters or not
      • Raise - Lines that triggered this acton will be raised (highlighted) without paying attention whether they also triggered a Lower action
      • Lower - Lines that triggered this action will be lowered (lowlighted).
    • Class 1 - Filters which are applied at read-time
      • Alert - The button of the entry that triggered the alert will flash in the alert color and then slowly fades back to its normal color
      • Execute - Allows you to start programs and/or scripts when a certain string shows up
      • Notice - For events that are of extreme importance regardless of when they have been triggered
  • Audio support
  • Highly configurable

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Last Updated Thursday, December 11 2014 @ 03:29 PM EST

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