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Skylendar is a modern design astrology software, designed for the KDE 3.x desktop environment.

It includes a modern interface, a powerful data/restrictions sets management, drag'n'drop, multi-windows, animation and a SQL database searching/loading/saving interface. Skylendar is built upon the Swiss Ephemeris library (sweph), which uses precomputed ephemeris files.

It is the successor of KAstrolog 5.4, a KDE port of the famous W.D. Pullen's Astrolog.

The Skylendar main window is basically divided into two vertical parts: an icon tree for the data/restrictions sets, subchart management, and a workspace where all the graphical charts are displayed.

The code is written in C++, is fairly portable and has a modern design and interface.

†Skylendar 1.7.1

Free to download



Christophe Gros


System Requirements
KDE 2.x
Qt 3.x
PostgreSQL 8.x
Swiss ephemeris library

Support Sites:
Yahoo Groups

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Wheel Chart, displays up to 4 concentric rings
  • Standard List Chart, displays a text list of objects positions and speeds, aspects and mid-points tables
  • Simple or Dual Aspects Scan List Chart, displays a text list of the current towards natal or mutual aspects occurring during a given time span
  • Uses the high precision Swiss Ephemeris Library for computation
  • Numerous planets, virtual planets, exotic objects, stars, aspects, and ayanamsa computing methods
  • Numerous parameters managed, such as orbs, orbs additions, aspects colors, etc...
  • PostgreSQL interface for storing/retrieving the personal data and restrictions sets
  • Single, transiting, progressed, directed, added and multiplied subcharts
  • Aspects table below the wheel chart
  • Animation
  • Printing
  • True multitasking chart computation
  • AAF and Astrolog/KAstrolog files can be converted in SKIF files
  • Save charts in SVG format
  • Local Horizon Chart
  • Objects List Chart
  • Aspects Table Chart
  • Ephemeris Chart
  • Exotic objects such as Vulcan, Proserpine, etc.

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Last Updated Monday, April 21 2014 @ 02:40 AM EDT

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