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Astrolog is astrology software that has been available to download at no cost since 1991. It is award winning software.

Astrolog can create horoscopes, natal charts, and calculate current planetary positions in sidereal, traditional, and heliocentric formats. It can be used to relate astrological house and sign dispositors and other nonstandard systems.

Astrolog uses 14 different house systems, can calculate 18 different aspects such as trines, squares, semisquares, and rarer ones such as biquintiles, quatronoviles, and sesquiquadrates.

Astrolog computes the traditional planets, along with minor planetary objects such as Ceres, Juno and Vesta, and uranian objects such as Vulkanus and Russian Proserpina. It can show nearly 50 fixed stars, and animate the chart in real time synchronized with the OS clock. Astrolog can do forms of locational astrology such as astrocartography.

 Astrolog 5.40

Free to download



Walter D. Pullen


System Requirements


Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Position calculation features:
    • Sun through Pluto and the house cusps, Chiron and the four main asteroids, True and Mean nodes, Part of Fortune, Vertex, and East Point, Lilith, the eight Uranian planets, over 40 fixed stars, over 170 Arabic parts and their formulas
    • Option to use any or all of accurate 8400 year ephemeris
  • Computation features:
  • Fourteen house systems
  • Tropical and sidereal zodiac
  • Specify zodiac starting position / ayanamsa
  • Heliocentric and other planet centered charts
  • Applying and separating aspects
  • Parallel and contraparallel aspects
  • Harmonic charts
  • Solar charts with objects on Ascendant or Midheaven
  • Decan positions
  • Navamsa positions
  • Specify your own positions for planets
  • Positions relative to ecliptic or equator
  • Local horizon positions in prime vertical coordinates
  • Display formats:
    • Generic position listing
    • Wheel charts
    • Hindu or Vedic format wheel charts
    • Aspect and midpoint grids
    • List aspect configurations such as Yods
    • List aspects sorted by influence
    • List midpoints sorted by position
    • Local horizon positions
    • Times of planets rising and setting
    • Solar system orbit, Gauquelin sector, and Astro-graph charts
    • List latitude crossings in astro-graph charts
    • Generic monthly and yearly calendars
    • Ephemeris tables
    • Biorhythm charts
  • Transit and progression features:
    • Secondary progressions and solar arc progressions
    • Specify your own progression rate
    • Times of exact aspects among transiting planets, planets changing sign or direction, lunar phases and season changes, exact aspects in a progressed chart, exact transit hits, transits to house cusps, solar, lunar, and other returns, and exact transits from progressed planets
    • List transits to natal planets within orb in influence order, list aspects within orb among transiting planets in influence order
    • Transits to composite and other no-time charts
  • Graphics features:
    • Graphic wheel chart
    • Graphic bi-wheel comparison / transit chart
    • Graphic tri-wheels and quad-wheels
    • Graphic aspect / midpoint and relationship aspect / midpoint grids
    • Graphic astro-graph chart on a map of the world
    • Graphic local horizon, polar horizon, Gauquelin wheel, and orbit charts
    • Graphic ephemeris tracking chart
    • Graphic calendars and biorhythms
    • Dispositor graph chart
    • Plot positions among the astronomical constellations
    • Smoothly animate charts through time at varying rates
    • Continuously update chart to current moment now
    • Animate a rotating globe
    • Timed exposures for horizon and orbit charts
    • Create PostScript graphic files
    • Create graphic X11 and Windows bitmap files
    • Create Windows metafiles

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Last Updated Sunday, May 24 2015 @ 06:08 AM EDT

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