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The Pentaho BI Project is open source application software for enterprise reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining, workflow and ETL capabilities for business intelligence needs.

The BI Suite Community Edition is intended for: Business intelligence aficionados, open source software programmers, early adopters, and college students.

This software can be used as a full suite or as individual components that are accessible via web services.

Pentaho BI Suite users will typically start with Pentaho Data Integration to prepare a data source, then use Metadata Editor to create a metadata layer for that data source, then potentially Schema Workbench to create a ROLAP schema. At that point, you're ready to create reports and analysis views.

 Pentaho 5.0.1

Free to download


Mozilla Public License 1.1, GPL v2, LGPL v2, Common Public License

The Pentaho BI Project


System Requirements
Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher

Community Edition Downloads, Wiki, FAQ, Forums, SourceForge Project Page

Selected Reviews:
Information Week

Features include:

  • Reporting - an advanced report creation tool
  • Design Studio - an Eclipse-based tool that enables users to hand-edit a report or analysis view xaction file
  • Aggregation Designer - a graphical tool that helps improve Mondrian cube efficiency
  • Metadata Editor - add a custom metadata layer to an existing data source
  • Pentaho Data Integration - Kettle extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool, to access and prepare data sources for analysis, data mining, or reporting
  • Schema Workbench - a graphical tool to create ROLAP schemas for analysis
  • Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence Platform
  • Data Mining
  • Guided analysis

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