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Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a single-player fantasy game, similar to NetHack. You can control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated, persistent world.

The game features three modes of play (Dwarf Fortress, Adventurer and Legends modes), a distinct, randomly-generated world (complete with terrain, wildlife and legends), gruesome combat mechanics and vicious schools of carp.

The basic point of the Dwarf Fortress mode is to:

  • Build/dig a place for your dwarves to work and live
  • Ensure survivability by providing food and water/drink for every dwarf
  • Provide basic comfort by building beds/quarters, a dining room
  • Defend your fortress (traps/military)
  • From the way Toady implements some features, have a lot of (twisted) fun
  • Accumulate wealth
  • Build and sustain a bustling full 200 dwarf fortress (this is already a bit "optional")

 Dwarf Fortress

Free to download

Tarn Adams



Manual, Forums, Map Archive

Selected Reviews:
Tea Leaves, Telepolis in German, blogspot

Features include:

  • The world is randomly generated with distinct civilizations spanning over 1000 years of detailed history, dozens of towns, hundreds of caves and regions with various wildlife
  • The world persists as long as you like, over many games, recording historical events and tracking changes
  • Command your dwarves as they search for wealth in the mountain
    • Craft treasures and furniture from many materials and improve these objects with precious metals, jewels and more
    • Defend yourself against attacks from hostile civilizations, the wilderness and the depths
    • Support the nobility as they make demands of your populace
    • Keep your dwarves happy and read their thoughts as they work and relax
    • Z coordinate allows you to dig out fortresses with multiple levels. Build towers or conquer the depths
    • Build floodgates to divert water for farming or to drown your adversaries
  • Play an adventurer and explore, quest for glory or seek vengeance
    • Meet adversaries from previous games
    • Recruit people in towns to come with you on your journey
    • Explore without cumbersome plot restrictions
    • Seamlessly wander the world -- up to 197376 x 197376 squares total -- or travel more rapidly on the region map
    • Accept quests from the town and civilization leaders
    • Retire and meet your old characters. Bring them along on an adventure with a new character or reactivate them and play directly
    • Z coordinate allows you to move seamlessly between dungeon levels and scale structures fighting adversaries above and below
  • The combat model uses skills, body parts, wrestling, charging and dodging between squares, bleeding, pain, nausea, and much more
  • A dynamic weather model tracks wind, humidity and air masses to create fronts, clouds, rain storms and blizzards
  • Over two hundred rock and mineral types are incorporated into the world, placed in their proper geological environments
  • Add new creatures, weapons, plants, metals and other objects via modifiable text files
  • Extended ASCII character set rendered in 16 colors (including black) as well as 8 background colors (including black)

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