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FVWM is a powerful ICCCM2 compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager for the X Window System. It was originally derived from twm.

It is designed to minimize memory consumption, provide a 3D look to window frames, and a virtual desktop.

There are 3rd party projects to provide automatic configuration and themes (FVWM-Crystal and FVWM-Themes). FVWM itself provides a default configuration file generator, in which certain options can be chosen.

 FVWM 2.6.5

Free to download





System Requirements

FAQ, Forums, Mailing List, FVWM Themes

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Image rendering
  • Supports any number of virtual desktops, each divided into multiple pages
  • Xft2 font support with anti-aliasing, drop shadows of any size, at any offset and at any direction, text rotation
  • Titlebars can be disabled, or rendered on any window edge
  • Animated window shading in all directions
  • Perl based module library for extending FVWM using Perl, scripting and pre-processing of configuration files
  • Full PNG Support, including alpha blending
  • Extended via scripting. Preprocessing allows dynamic configurations
  • Toolkit to build dialogs, menus and applications at runtime
  • Configurable desktop panels
  • Mouse Gestures allow to draw shapes with the mouse, and bind them to commands
  • Dynamic menus; utilities to browse the filesystem, fetch headlines from the internet from menus included
  • Session management support
  • Xinerama extension support to use more than one monitor
  • Support for XRender, and Xcursor
  • Dynamically extensible using modules
  • Side titles
  • EWMH, ICCCM-2 and GNOME Hints support.
  • Internationalisation support, including multi-byte characters and bidirectional text
  • Bi-directional asian text support
  • Extended Window Manager Hints support allows the use of docks, widgets, and such.
  • Colorset used to define color, gradient, transparency, etc. in specific areas of themes, backgrounds, icons, etc.
  • WindowStyle command used to segregate styles to individual elements
  • Unmanaged command used to separate any window from FVWM control
  • FocusStyle allows focus stealing
  • Window states can be used to perform functions on similar groups
  • XFT font are support
  • Module dynamic actions allow changes while running
  • Menu now uses XDG specifications
  • PNG/SVG support for icons
  • Mouse gestures and window-specific key / mouse bindings
  • Lots of new style options for themers
  • A new script to upgrade FVWM 2.4 configuration files

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