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SimCoupe emulates the SAM Coupé - a British Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology.

It is also able to function as a Spectrum emulator because the hardware is very similar.

The SAM starts up ready to accept BASIC programs, with software loaded from tape or disk.

This release of SimCoupe was derived from Allan Skillman's SimCoupe 0.72 for DOS and Unix. It has been largely rewritten to improve accuracy and portability. The emulator is written mainly in C++

 SimCoupe 1.0

Free to download



Simon Owen


System Requirements

OpenGL (optional)

Support Sites:
FAQ, SourceForge Project Page

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • SAM's four display modes are fully supported, with updates accurate to a single 8x1 pixel cell
  • Screen disabling is supported
  • Philips SAA 1099 sound chip emulation
  • Parallel port 8-bit mono and stereo DACs (SAMDAC/EDDAC) are present, as also used for sample/MOD playback
  • MIDI OUT is available for driving real MIDI devices and software/hardware synths
  • All 1772-02 floppy controller commands are implemented
  • SAMBUS and DALLAS clocks are implemented, and can be enabled independently
  • Use software in the following disk image types: MGT, SAD, SDF, EDSK, TD0, and SBT
  • Emulates 3 SAM hard disk interfaces: Atom, SD-IDE and Yarek.ATMOD.  The Atom is the most commonly used, mainly because Atom's DOS (BDOS) is compatible with the original SAMDOS.  The hard disk is treated as an array of floppy-sized records, giving good compatibility with existing software
  • Supports print-to-file on all platforms, making it easy to export code listings to a plain text file
  • Disk images supported:
    • MGT - Simple sector dump of +D/SAM disks: 2 sides, 80 tracks/side, 10 sectors/track, 512 bytes/sector = 819200 bytes. Compatible with the /dev/fd0u800 device
    • SAD - SAm Disk format
    • SDF - Sam Disk format, a stop-gap image format able to represent custom formats needed by copy-protected disks
    • EDSK - Extended DSK images, originally designed for Amstrad CPC and Spectum +3 disks
    • TD0 - Images created by the TeleDisk utility for DOS, as used in the early 1990s
    • SBT - Sam BooTable files

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