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Intel Fortran Compiler Professional

Intel Fortran Compiler Professional

The Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux delivers rapid development and high performance for the full range of Intel processor-based platforms.

It is a full-language Fortran 95 compiler with many features from the Fortran 2003 standard, plus a wide range of popular extensions. Automatically optimize and parallelize software to take best advantage of multi-core Intel processors, including dual-core mobile, desktop, and enterprise platforms.

The Intel Fortran Compiler fully supports the Fortran 95 language standard, as well as the previous standards Fortran 90, Fortran 77 and Fortran IV.

OpenMP and auto-parallelization help convert serial applications into parallel applications, allowing developers to take full advantage of multi-core technology like the Intel Core Duo processor and Dual-Core Intel Itanium 2 processor, as well as symmetric multiprocessing systems.

The free download edition is available for non-commercial software develpment only. Non-commercial means users do not receive compensation in any form for the products and services developed using theIntel Fortran Compiler Professional.

 Intel Fortran Compiler

Free to download

42MB (IA-32)
76MB (IA32/Intel 64)
44MB (Intel 64)
67MB (IA-64)



System Requirements
IA-32 architecture:
CPU: 450MHz Pentium II
512 MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
100 MB of disk space, plus an additional 200 MB during installation
Linux Developer tools component installed, including gcc, g++ and related tools
Linux component compat-libstdc++ providing

Support Sites:
Product Brief, Forums

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Multithreaded Application Support, including OpenMP and auto-parallelization for simple and efficient software threading
  • Auto-vectorization parallelizes code to utilize the Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) instruction set architectures (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, and SSE4) of our latest processors
  • High-Performance Parallel Optimizer (HPO) restructures and optimizes loops to ensure that auto-vectorization, OpenMP, or auto-parallelization best utilizes the processorís capabilities for cache and memory accesses, SIMD instruction sets, and for multiple cores. 
  • Interprocedural Optimization (IPO) dramatically improves performance of small- or medium-sized functions that are used frequently, especially programs that contain calls within loops
  • Automatic Vectorizer
  • Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO) improves application performance by reducing instruction-cache thrashing, reorganizing code layout, shrinking code size, and reducing branch mispredictions
  • Optimized Code Debugging with the Intel Debugger improves the efficiency of the debugging process on code that has been optimized for Intel architecture
  • Provides optimization support for the very latest multi-core Intel processors, including Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Quad-Core Xeon processor 3000, 5000, 5300 and 7000 series, Dual-Core Itanium 2 processor
  • Security Checking and Diagnostics
    • GNU Mudflap
    • Static Verifier for buffer overflow
    • OpenMP API verification
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Last Updated Sunday, June 10 2012 @ 05:27 AM EDT

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