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The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution. 

It is geared towards home and SOHO users. The difference with existing firewalls is that the IPCop interface is designed to be very user-friendly and task-based.

IPCop offers an IPChains based firewall with DHCP server, caching DNS, the Squid web proxy, Snort intrusion detection system, port forwarding, DMZ support and IPSec based VPN support using FreeS/WAN. There is an easy to use web-based admin interface and an SSH server is also available.

It offers advanced features such as IPSec VPN support.



IPCop team



IPCop Documentation, FAQ
, Mailing Lists, Addons for IPCop Firewall, Prebuilt Rope Software

Selected Reviews:,, PC Pro, Linux Gazette, Viva o Linux (Portugese)

Features include:

  • Interfaces
    • 4 interfaces with typical behavior
    • GREEN : inside network
    • RED : outside network (internet)
    • ORANGE : DMZ (accessible from in and outside)
    • BLUE : inside network for wifi (connect an Access point to this interface)
    • VLAN available
    • Alias available on RED interface
  • Hardware
    • Support i386 and alpha architecture (ppc will be available soon)
    • Memory size supported from 12 MB to 4 GB
    • IDE, SCSI, SATA and RAID disk controller with 250 MB minimal hard disk size
    • Network cards from linux-2.4 kerne (ISA / PCI)
    • SMP kernel available on i386 for HT / multicore or multiples CPU
    • Indirect installation to flash device
  • Installation
    • Boot from floppy / usb floppy ( usb floppy allow only install from cdrom)
    • Boot / installation from IDE / SCSI cdrom
    • Boot / installation from usb key
    • Boot from PXE enabled network card (need avdhcp and tftp server)
    • Installation from http/ftp server
  • Backup
    • Floppy (restore on new install only)
    • Web interface
    • USB key
  • Core services
    • DHCP client / server
    • Dynamic DNS
    • Host list settable from web interface
    • HTTP / FTP proxy (squid)
    • IDS (snort) on all interfaces
    • Log local or remote
    • NTP client / server
    • SSH server (PSK or password)
    • Traffic shaping (red interface)
  • Firewall features
    • Statefull firewall
    • Nat helper for h323, irc, mms, pptp, proto-gre, quake3
    • Programmable port forwarding to ORANGE address
    • Pin-hole on GREEN or BLUE net
    • Ping answer configurable on all interfaces
    • Roadwarrior and net to net
    • Certificate or PSK
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