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Traverso DAW

Traverso DAW

Traverso is a multitrack audio recording and editing program with special emphasis on an intuitive, clean, and above all efficient user interface.

The program supports recording of any number of audio tracks (only limited by hardware capabilities), basic mixing features, writing to CD, and rendering of the project into various standard audio file formats. The audio engine uses 32 bit floating point precision for all calculations to preserve the highest possible audio quality even after extensive processing.

It is suitable for both professionals and home user who need a robust and solid DAW.

 Traverso 0.49.3

Free to download



Remon Sijrier, Nicola Doebelin, Ben Levitt, Taj Morton and others.


System Requirements
QT 4.2.3
FFTW 3.0
FLAC 1.0
libsndfile 1.0.11
Secret Rabbit Code 0.1.2

Traverso User Manual, Forums, Mailing Lists

Selected Reviews:

Features include:

  • Clean and concise interface - all actions in Traverso can be performed quickly by using the mouse and keyboard together
  • Non-destructive editing - when applying filters (like LV2 plugins) or changing volume and panning, the audio sources and recordings are left in their original state. Filters are applied while playing or exporting
  • Virtually unlimited track count - tracks support one or two channels, and any number of Audio Clips, either mono or stereo
  • Unlimited un/redo
  • Support for 16/24/32 bit's audio at any samplerate, and any of the audio formats supported by libsndfile, and FLAC, OGG, mp3 and WavPack
  • On the fly sample rate conversion so that there is no need to convert audio files to the sample rate in use by your audio card
  • Multiple Driver Backends - full support for ALSA, Jack (including transport control) and PortAudio
  • Lockless realtime audio processing - Traverso uses a (soft) Realtime audio processing Thread without mutual exclusion primitives
  • CD TOC creation, integrated CD Burning - create a CD table of contents, and use the integrated CD Burning facility to Burn CD's straight from Traverso
  • Functions for recording and editing audio, including easy AudioClip moving, edge setting, splitting, mute, (de)normalize, gain, copy, fade in/out, and so on... Tracks can select from the available Buses, either supplied by Jack, PortAudio or directly from the ALSA driver, mute, solo here as well, direct import of Audio Sources, a cool "Solo listen Track" key command, which automatically mutes all other Track's on key press, and resets on key release, and more
  • Advanced Shuttle tool and work cursor moving, snap to work cursor/Sheet start/etc and a Zoom function

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Traverso DAW also features in our 'Linux Equivalents to Windows Software' section. The category selector below allows you to filter the different types of software included in that separate article.


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