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Asus Eee PC 701 Review - Settings & Favorites Tabs
Settings Tab<

(view large image)

This tab offers a collection of system tools.

Anti-Virus scans for viruses, worms and trojans and allows you to remove any infected files. Clicking the volume icon brings up the volume and mic mixer (which can also be started from the taskbar). Clicking Instant Shutdown gives the user the option to select the Task Manager, put the machine in standby mode, restart the system, or turn it off. It's easier just to hit the power button. The Printers icon lets you add local or network printers. System info lets you know basic information such as the BIOS version and date, software version, and the amount of memory installed.

Date & Time is a simple graphical front-end which allows you to change the date, time and timezone. Personalization lets you change your password, desktop theme and keyboard layout.

Add/Remove Software is worth discussing in a bit more detail. This application intelligently doesn't list packages that form part of the system installation. Instead, it only lists upgrades for installation or removal. At the time of this review, the only upgrades available are for Skype, Dictionary, Touchpad and VoiceCommand. They are fairly minor upgrades e.g. Skype is updated from version to

Touchpad lets you alter the sensitivity of the touchpad, alter the tapping time, enable vertical, horizontal and circular scrolling. Disk Utility shows a graphical representation of the disk space consumed by the system and user. The Diagnostic tools icon, as one might expect, runs system tests and reveals important system information.

Attach an external monitor to the VGA connector, and the Desktop Mode icon is called into play. This allows you to view the display just on the Eee PC, or on an external monitor, or even on both screens. I attached the Eee PC to a couple of LCD displays, with a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 being achieved. This functionality could enable the machine to be used as a primary computer.

The final icon is VoiceCommand, software which allows some applications to be activated by voice command. However, starting applications in this way is slow and unreliable. For example, announcing the command "Computer Mail" often started a different application! Humming the theme tune to Red Dwarf even started the Music or the Movie application. This is certainly one application I'm never going to use.

Favorites Tab

(view large image)

Favorites is the last of the application tabs. It lets you choose icons from the other tabs to be displayed in one single tab.

Additional Software

Read ahead

1. Introduction
2. Components - Part 1
3. Components - Part 2
4. General Operation
5. Software Introduction
6. Internet Tab
7. Work Tab
8. Learn Tab
9. Play Tab
10. Settings & Favorites Tabs
11. Additional Software
12. Final thoughts
13. Additional Screenshots
14. Appendix

Last Updated Sunday, January 13 2008 @ 11:19 AM EST

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