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KOffice was a popular integrated office suite for KDE, the K Desktop Environment.

KOffice consists of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, flowchart drawing program, vector drawing program, bitmap graphics manipulation program, integrated report and chart generators, integrated mathematical formula editor, integrated data management application, and a project management application.

All of its components are released under free software/open source licenses.

KOffice supports the Open Document Format (ODF), an ISO standard. This guarantees interoperability with many other Office packages such as and MS Office.

Nokia has created a document viewer for the Maemo 5 platform (Fremantle) based on KOffice and uses the KWord and KPresenter applications to load and display word processor and presentation documents.

 KOffice 2.3.3

Free to download



KDE e.V.


System Requirements
Qt 3.3.x
arts >= 1.3
kdelibs >= 3.3.0
libxml2 >=2.4.9
libxslt >=1.0.7
lcms >= 1.15

Support Sites:
Techbase, The KWord Handbook, KDE Developer's Journals, KOffice Mailing Lists, 7 KOffice Tips and Tricks

Selected Reviews:, Softpedia


KWord is a frame-based word-processing and desktop publishing application. KWord is capable of creating professional looking documents.

Frame oriented word processors work by creating one or more frames per page. Each frame acts as a boundary (like a frame which surrounds a photograph), which limits the text to the boundaries of the frame. You can move and re-size boundaries to define exactly where on the page the text will be placed. As you resize frames, the text is reworked to fit within these frames. 

Features include:

  • Paragraph style sheets (borders, alignment, spacing, indentation, bullet points, tab stops, page breaks, and font type, style, color and size), together with a stylist to edit, add, remove and update styles (a number of predefined styles are provided)
  • A frame orientation, suitable for simple desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Numerous preset as well as custom page sizes
  • Multiple columns per page
  • Headers and footers (including different first page headers/footers)
  • Variables, such as page number, company name, user name, document summary, date and time or a custom variable
  • Tables
  • Embedding of text frames, images and clip-art (.wmf and .svg files)
  • Chapter numbering
  • Auto-generation of table of contents
  • Auto-correction and spell checking
  • Templates
  • Uses the standard ISO 26300 OpenDocument format


KSpread is a scriptable spreadsheet program which provides both table-oriented sheets and support for complex mathematical formulas and statistics.

Features include:

  • Multiple tables/sheets per document
  • Templates
  • Multiple chart formats for displaying data graphically
  • Headers and footers
  • Over 100 formulas, including standard deviation, variance, present value of annuities and much more
  • Sorting
  • Scripting
  • Lists
  • Cell data validity checking with configurable warnings/actions
  • Comments
  • Series (days of week, months of year, numbers, etc.)
  • Conditional coloring of cells
  • Hyperlinks
  • Row and column customization (size, show/hide, font type, style and size, etc.)
  • Cell customization (data/number format, precision, border, alignment, rotation, background color and pattern, font type, style and size, etc.)


KPresenter is a full-featured presentation program. It lets you prepare a set of slides for printing or as an on-screen slideshow. Slides can include a variety of text and graphics with embedded objects.

Features include:

  • Inserting and editing rich text (with bullet points, indentation, spacing, colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Embedding images and clip-art (.wmf files)
  • Inserting auto-forms
  • Setting many object properties (background, many types of gradients, pen, shadow, rotation, object specific settings, etc.)
  • Working with objects (resizing, moving, lowering, raising, etc.)
  • Grouping/ungrouping objects
  • Headers/footers
  • Advanced undo/redo
  • Setting background (color, gradients, pictures, clip-arts, etc.)
  • Assigning effects for animating objects and defining effects for changing slides
  • Playing screen presentations with effects
  • PostScript printing
  • Creating HTML slideshows with a few mouse clicks
  • Templates (pre- and user-defined)
  • XML as the document format
  • A Presentations Structure Viewer
  • Infinite canvas
  • Slide numbers
  • Support for the standard OASIS OpenDocument file format

Kexi is an integrated environment for creating databases and database applications.

Features include:

  • Full visual designers for tables, queries and forms. Queries can be also designed in dedicated SQL view
  • Running queries, support for parametrized queries.
  • Data entry and sorting
  • Support for "Object" data allowing to store images of many types.
  • Designing and displaying relational data using combo boxes (lookup columns)
  • Simple printounts for table and query data with robust print preview
  • Advanced CSV data import and export from files. Copying to clipboard and pasting from clipboard is also available, thus the data can be easily transferred to applications like spreadsheets or word processors
  • User Mode, allowing to switch off all commands related to editing project's design
  • "Find" window for searching thought table and form's contents with rich set of options
  • Support for simple database templates
  • Supported database engines: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Data/Project Migration Tools
  • Scripting and Macros (Python and Ruby supported)

Kivio is the KOffice flowchart and diagram creation tool. It allows you to create accurate scale diagrams by arranging pre-drawn shapes and stencils on a page. The stencils might represent stages of a process, office furniture or components on an electronic circuit. Kivio comes with a large collection of different stencils which are grouped into collections, known as stencil sets, by subject area including flowcharting, electronics and computer networks. Objects are scriptable, and a backend plugin system offers the ability to make objects do just about anything.

Features include:

  • Scriptable stencils using Python
  • Support for Dia stencils
  • Plugin framework for adding more functionality

Karbon 14 is a sacable vector drawing application, which allows artists to create complex drawings


Krita is a layered pixel image manipulation application

Krita contains both ease-of-use and fun features like guided painting and high-end features like support for 16 bit images, CMYK, L*a*b and OpenEXR HDR images.

The program has pressure-sensitivity support for the stylus, eraser, and cursor functions of graphics tablets.

Features include:

  • Supports many managed colorspaces, like rgb, grayscale, cmyk, lab, ycbcr and lms, in 8 and 16 bits per channel
  • Import RAW images in 8 and 16 bits per channel and load and save image formats: tiff, png, jpeg
  • Krita has a large array of tools: freehand, line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, polyline, star, bezier curve, duplicate, paint-with-filters, crop, move, transform, perspective transform, contiguous fill, gradient, text, color picker, pan, zoom, perspective grid, selection paint, selection erase, rectangular select, elliptical select, polygonal select, contiguous area (magic wand), outline, magnetic selection, bezier curve select and select by similar colors. All paint tools can be used in soft brushes, hard pencil, airbrush or eraser mode. SIOX-like foreground extraction is in the works
  • Image layers, group layers, adjustment layers
  • Perspective operations including a perspective transformation tool and a grid which allows you to manipulate vanishing points
  • Krita is scriptable in Python and Ruby and offers a small, but useful DCOP interface.
  • A rich set of filters for image enhancement, color enhancement and artistic reinterpretation of images
  • Infinite canvas
  • Dyna tool which simulates a pressure sensitive input device by using the speed of the mouse

KPlato is an integrated project management and planning tool.

Features include:

  • Gantt chart with task list and resource allocations per task
  • Resource view with task allocations per resource
  • Accounts view showing planned cost with configurable cut-off date and periodicity
  • Tasks are organized in a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Resources are organized in a resource breakdown structure (RBS)
  • Accounts are organized in a cost breakdown structure (CBS)
  • Gantt chart can optionally show:
    • Task links (dependencies)
    • Task name.
    • Allocated resources
    • Float (slack)
    • Critical path
    • Critical tasks
    • Progress (% completion)
  • Summary tasks, Tasks, and milestones are supported.
  • Dialogs to create and edit the project, the different types of tasks, calendars, resources, accounts and progress
  • Task links can be of types: Finish to Start, Finish toFinish or Start to Start. All types can have a time lag defined.
  • Different scheduling constraints are supported:
    • As soon as possible (early start)
    • As late as possible (late start)
    • Must start on target time
    • Must finish on target time
    • Start not earlier than target time
    • Finish not later than target time
    • Fixed interval. (Target start time and target finish time.)

KChart is an integrated graph and chart drawing tool.

It supports the following chart types:

  • Bar: normal | stacked | percent, 2D | 3D-Look
  • Line: normal | stacked | percent, line markers
  • Area: normal | stacked | percent
  • HiLo: normal | open-close
  • Box & Whiskers
  • Pie: normal | exploded, 2D | 3D
  • Ring
  • Polar: normal | stacked | percen


KFormula is powerful formula editor. It can be used to create and edit mathematical formulas that can be included in other KOffice documents.

Features include:

  • Easy Greek letter insertion
  • Intelligent cursor movement
  • Advanced syntax highlighting
  • Multi-level undo support
  • LaTeX export (copy and paste into a text editor)
  • MathML import

Kugar is a tool for generating business quality reports which can be viewed and printed. It includes a standalone report viewer and a KPart report viewer.

Features include:

  • Kugar report designer
  • Report printing in Postscript
  • Database/datasource neutral, data is supplied to the report engine in XML
  • Support for direct database access
  • Open report definition files, report layout is stored in XML
  • Full control of fonts, colors, text alignment and wrapping
  • Report Header/Footer
  • Page Header/Footer
  • Detail Section
  • Detail Header/Footer
  • Unlimited number of detail levels
  • Grand totals: count, sum, average, variance and standard deviation
  • Additional formatting (negative numbers, currency, commas for numbers and dates)

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KOffice also features in our 'Linux Equivalents to Windows Software' section. The category selector below allows you to filter the different types of software included in that separate article.


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