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LinuxLinks Fedora 7 Review (page 7)
LinuxLinks Review
By Kevin E. Glosser

Final thoughts

Fedora 7 has seen the word “Core” trimmed from it's name. This reflects just one of several changes internally to the project. With the first ever inclusion of tools to create your own version of Fedora, Fedora 7 really reaches out to the community, quite literally. If you don't like it, then by all means change it to be the way you want. The Fedora Project has given you the power. To date this is the most successful release of Fedora in my opinion. Some of that has to be attributed to the continued maturation of several open source projects. However, it's clear the Fedora Project deserves credit too. The Linux desktop is steadily approaching competitive status with it's proprietary alternatives (Mac OS X Leopard looks like a worthy opponent, however). Although I cannot predict the day I can recommend Linux to any desktop user, I feel it isn't too far away. Fedora, in it's current form is a great distribution for any Linux user wanting to stay current. Linus Torvalds has it on his machines currently. Maybe you should too.

Red Hat's effort to include the community more in the development of Fedora has succeeded. Available online are some of the meeting notes and irc logs of the governing board. They are transparent enough to indicate the community does have an influence on this distro and it shows in the final product. The Fedora project continues to improve, while simultaneously being influenced more by the community. This is unlikely to be a coincidence.

In the future, I'd like to see further integration of Compiz into the desktop. This will be difficult due to the proprietary nature of some of the video card drivers required by it's use. However, the solution to that issue is already under way. An experimental driver, named “nouveau” offers to provide free and open source drivers for Nvidia cards. It is included in Fedora 7, but disabled by default. As for other manufacturers, a solution is not mentioned. Three dimensional acceleration of the desktop is not going away, that much is certain.

All other shortcomings are moot in mentioning. They either fall into the category of extreme nitpicking or succumb directly to the Fedora project's challenge...”Why don't you add it yourself? We gave you the ability to.” For those unable to contribute, you can grab a custom version of Fedora which already must be starting to appear on the internet. The original spin performs very well on it's own, however. Whoever said “You get what you pay for.”, never used Fedora 7.

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1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Flying High with Fedora
4. 3D Desktops and the default software lineup
5. Fedora and the Free Software Movement
6. Making your own version of Fedora
7. Final thoughts

Last Updated Sunday, August 05 2007 @ 04:25 AM EDT

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