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About Devil-Linux

Devil-Linux is a LiveCD distribution which is a firewall/router/gateway/server distribution designed to provide a secure environment, yet at the same time be easy to setup.

Devil-Linux uses a Linux from Scratch (LFS) build system allowing the user to create customized versions of the distribution. It has improved kernel security using the GRSecurity patch. Firewall configuration is made easier by a dedicated tool, Firewall Builder. Devil-Linux adds many more Netfilter modules then you find in a standard Linux Kernel.

Please be aware that this is designed to be a server distribution and not a desktop distribution. For starters, Devil-Linux does not run X, and surfing the net is limited to using console based web browers such as lynx. Further evidence that this is not a desktop distro can be seen from the Key Facts box below where graphical software is not provided.

The distribution boots from a CD or a USB key.

Traditionally, Devil-Linux has been popular used as a router/firewall.  However, it is often used as a proxy server, DNS server, Mail Server, web server, FTP server, FTP server, File server, VPNs, DHCP server, NTP, and as an IDS node.

Devil-Linux 1.2.14 Key Facts

Free to download
22 November 2007
Installation Media:
CD (1)
Architectures supported:
i586 +
Package Management:
tar.gz (compressed tar files)
Official Website:

XOrg - Xfce -
OpenOffice -
Evolution -
Firefox -
Gimp -
Python 2.4.4
Apache -
PostgreSQL 8.2.4
GNU Compiler Collection -

System requirements:

Processor PC 486 DX2/66-class or better
Memory 32MB RAM
Other bootable ATAPI or SCSI CD-ROM drive or USB Device

1.44" floppy disk drive or USB Device

any network interfaces like 10 and/or 100MBps network interface cards or external analog/ISDN-Modem


1.x (current release)
Newsforge, Kalamazoo

Selected Websites

Other Official Websites

Devil-Linux News
Mailing Lists

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