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About dyne:bolic

Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable cd, containing a whole operating system that works straight from boot, without the need to install or change anything on the hard disk.  It focuses on providing a large assortment of applications for audio and video manipulation, including Blender, Ardour, Audacity, MuSE, ReZoung, Hydrogen, Rosegarden, Seq24, Gimp, Inkscape, Cinelerra, LiVES and more.

dyne:bolic 2.5.2 Key Facts

Denis "Jaromil" Rojo
Free to download
1 December 2007
Installation Media:
CD (1)
Architectures supported:
Package Management:
Official Website:

XOrg 7.1
Xfce 4.4.0
OpenOffice -
Evolution -
Firefox -
Gimp -
Python 2.4.2
Apache -
PostgreSQL -
GNU Compiler Collection 3.4.3
The box above is for version 2.4.2

WHAT'S NEW in 2.5

After 6 months of development this release stabilizes and updates the core system, also providing recent versions of most used software and some important new functionalities.

New features: writable NTFS support (ntfs-3g) now lets you save data and nest also on Windows NT formatted partitions, firewire audio cards are now supported by Jack (Freebob). Nesting capability is made even more easy to operate as nests can be mounted without reboot: just stick your usb key and double click on a nest to have it mounted.

New software: Ekiga, Guarddog and Wireshark plus all the GtkPython and WxPython libraries. Text console usage is enhanced by a fully functional mail setup with Mutt, Msmtp, Fetchmail, Procmail and Spamassassin, the text based presentation tool TPP and the Rtorrent download client. A graphical desktop repair button and a mount utility for Ssh accounts are also provided.

Updated software include Ardour2, Gimp, Audacity, FreeJ, Nicotine+, Pidgin, Ktorrent, Rox and toolkit libraries as Gtk, Cairo and Wx.

Fixes include a better interface for wifi configuration, a desktop repair button, harddisk storage detection and yet more issues have been solved for an increasingly smooth usage.

Also external modules are on the way to be updated and an EXTRAS 2nd CD will be soon released providing automatic installation of popular additional modules as OpenOffice, Devel, Java, Wine and kernel sources.

As if all this wouldn't be enough, the dyne:bolic community is blossoming several specialized modules, developed by and for musicians and media artists


2.x (current release)
TriedITtuxmachines, Open Addict, Linux Journal
NewsForgePenguin Pete's BlogSound On Sound, OSNews, Linux-BG (Bulgarian)

Selected Websites

Other Official Websites
dyne:OS Developer's Lounge, Dyne:bolic User's Guide,

DyneBolic Wiki,

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Last Updated Wednesday, March 12 2008 @ 03:59 PM EST

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