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Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is a lean, fast and versatile Linux distribution developed from scratch.  It provides a complete desktop suite in under 100MB.  The entire operating system and all its applications run from RAM, enabling the boot medium to be removed.  It can boot from:
  • A USB flash drive
  • A CD-ROM (Live-CD)
  • A Zip drive or LS-120/240 SuperDisk
  • Hard disk
  • Network
  • Floppy boot disk that loads the operating system from one of the devices listed above
It has a GUI SFS Boot Manager which enables the user to load "SFS" modules (combinations of packages that are loaded at bootup without actually installing them). 

Included in this distro are applications such as SeaMonkey, Abiword, Bluefish, Xfinans, Gaim, Gnumeric, Gxine, JWM, games, and an assortment of utilities and tools.  Although the standard applications included with the distro do not include many of the linux heavyweights (Firefox, KDE, OpenOffice, Gimp, Audacity etc) all of these can be easily installed using the package management facilities (DotPup).

Puppy can be useful for working on old computers, as an emergency rescue system, as a Linux demonstration system, or as a complete general purpose operating system.  There is even now support for reading/writing to NTFS partitions.

The PC should have at least 128M RAM so that Puppy can be loaded in its entirety into the ramdisk. However, it is possible for it to run on a PC with only about 48 MB of RAM because part of the system can be kept on the hard drive or even on the CD itself.

The latest release aims for close binary compatibility with Slackware 12.

Puppy Linux 3.01 Key Facts

Barry Kauler
Free to download
15 October 2007
Installation Media:
See above
Architectures supported:
Package Management:
Official Website:,

XOrg 7.0
OpenOffice -
Evolution -
Gimp 2.2.15
Python 2.4.3
PostgreSQL -
GNU Compiler Collection 4.1.2


3.x (current release), OSWeekly
Penguinway (2.14), PerformancePC (2.14), MadPenguin (2.02), tuxmachines (2.0), blogspot
GeekTimeLinux (1.05), InformationWeek, ThePodcastNetwork, DesktopLinux, LinuxPlanet

Selected Websites

Other Official Websites
Puppy Developer News
Puppy Linux Discussion Forum, Puppy Linux for Windows, Grafpup Linux,, GioveLUG, (German), dotpups (German), Hacao Linux (Vietnamese)

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