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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
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 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
 · YouTube Channel
 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
 · Wizznic! – Highly Addictive Open Source Puzzle Game
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


  • AFT
    AFT is a document preparation system. It is mostly free form meaning that there is little intrusive markup. AFT source documents look a lot like plain old ASCII text
  • AjaXplorer
    Pydio (formerly ajaXplorer) is an easy-to-install file explorer for remotely managing files on a web server, or using as a simple filesharing system.
  • Apache File Manager
    Apache File Manager is a simple HTML file manager. It provides file manipulations such as cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, extract archive, create directory, and upload files.
  • Bookblog
    Bookblog runs under a web server (such as Apache) and allows individuals to write up their reviews for a book in a form which is easily accessible, and appears to other browsers as a web log to which they can add their comments.
  • ByteHoard
    ByteHoard is an online file management system written in PHP. It allows your users to store files remotely, and to download, delete, edit, mail and share them online.
  • CKFinder
    CKFinder is a powerful and easy to use Ajax file manager for web browsers. Its simple interface makes it intuitive and quick to learn for all kinds of users, from advanced professionals to Internet beginners.
  • Concurrence
    Concurrence is a networked file editing program that enables multiple people to modify a document simultaneously. It is written entirely in Python, and uses the wxPython library for the GUI and the Twisted library for networking.
  • Contineo
    Contineo is a web based document management system. It supports its users by managing documents in most popular formats. Contineo aims to fulfill all phases of document lifecycle. You can create and develop documents by using office software.
  • CuteFlow
    CuteFlow is a webbased document circulation tool. Users are able to define "documents" which are send step by step to every user in a list. It's an electronical way for doing (i.e. internal) document circulations.
  • DocBuilder
    (commercial) DocBuilder allows non-technical users to easily create and manage online documents without having to know HTML.
  • Docco
    Docco is a little personal document management system we build on top of Apache's indexing and search engine Lucene. It adds user interfaces for indexing and querying to Lucene, where the latter gets enhanced by using Formal Concept Analysis' visualisation techniques.
  • DocMGR
    DocMGR is a full-featured document management system that incorporates automatic indexing of uploaded files, automatic ocr and content indexing of pictures, group-level permissions, WebDAV, and a discussion board for stored files. Beyond its stock indexing subsystem, DocMGR also has the capability to incorporate Tsearch2 (a full-text indexing add-on for Postgresql) for a responsive, full-text file indexing system. Read more
  • DoXFS
    DoXFS is a document management system that uses the XFS filesystem to store both content (files) and meta-data (file attributes), bypassing the traditional architecture of filesystem and database, and leveraging the built-in advantages of XFS.
  • DryDock
    DryDock is a web publishing application that governs the replication of content from a developmental, or staging web tree to a production web tree (ideally placed on a second server). DryDock codifies a formal approval process that forces management to approve all web site changes before those changes are put into production.
  • Epiware
    Epiware is open source document management software that includes all the tools an organization needs to safely capture, manage, store, and share documents over the Internet. It is a web based system written in PHP and uses the relational database MySQL as the backend. Read more
  • eXtplorer
    eXtplorer is a PHP- and Javascript-based File Manager, which you can be placed on your own web space.
  • eZimDMS
    (commercial) eZimDMS is a Web-based document management system (DMS) that provides features such as an upload progress bar, enhanced security, a recycle bin, and more. It is based on DocMgr
  • FileArchiveSearch
    FileArchiveSearch is a catalog system for CD-ROMs or any other media. It lets you search for files on your CD collection. Wildcards in the search keywords are supported, as well as browsing of the CDs. FAS is written in PHP4 and works on any UNIX/Linux platform using Apache and PHP4.X.
  • FileBrowser-NG
    FileBrowser-NG is a Web application that helps you easily navigate and see files that are stored on a Web server.
  • Gollem
    Gollem is the Horde File Manager, and works through any Horde_VFS driver. It is currently in development, but all basic functionality is available and works well. It uses Horde's MIME_Viewer framework to identify file types, associate icons, etc.
  • gpFinder
    gpFinder is a file manager based on the elFinder project.
  • HardCore Website Manager
    (commercial) HardCore Website Manager is a ready-to-use cross-browser/cross-platform tool, which enables non-technical users to edit, add, and delete HTML pages, images, and other files on their Web server through a Web browser.
  • HTML Redemption Language
    HTML Redemption Language, or HRL for short, is an HTML-preprocessor. It's basically a macro package, with built-in Python scripting. It redeems HTML by adding useful tags such as "include", "macro", "if", and "python". The last tag allows the web site designer to embed Python "scriptlets" in the HRL source to perform complex preprocessing tasks. It has a BSD license, not GPL.
  • jsCSSEditor
    jsCSSEditor is a Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) editor (WYSIWYG/Context) written in JavaScript and PHP.
  • KCFinder
    KCFinder is an alternative to the CKFinder Web file manager. It can be integrated into FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG Web editors to upload and manage images, flash movies, and other files that can be embedded in an editor's generated HTML content.
  • Kiwix
    Kiwix is an offline reader for Web contents based on the ZIM file format. It uses the Mozilla framework and integrates a full-text search engine. For example, this software allows you to read Wikipedia offline.
  • KnowledgeTree
    KnowledgeTree is an Open Source document management system. The product provides a content repository, workflow and routing of content, content publication and content metrics definition and analysis.
  • labelgrid
    labelgrid is an open source project where we attempt to build a full-fledged label printing software based on open technologies for the web like HTML, Javascript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  • Leto
    LetoDMS is an open-source document-management-system based on PHP and MySQL published under an open source license. The software was previously known as MyDMS. Read more
  • Likken
    Likken is a simple interface for managing directories via the LDAP protocol. It allows an end-user to view and edit information on the directory (like his own information) without the need to know about LDAP or to be helped by a system administrator.
  • LogicalDOC
    LogicalDOC is a Web-based document management system very easy to use. It supports its users with a powerful search engine, Webservice interface, and versioning. Documents can be organized into hierarchical folders, and searched by keywords or using the Google-like search engine. Read more
  • LuitDox
    LuitDox Platinum is a web based collaborative document and knowledge management system built using open source technologies (LAMP).
  • Maarch
    Maarch is a PHP based Document Management System infrastructure dedicated to the legal archiving of high volumes of static documents, coming with on-top business applications like mailroom management or HR document management. Read more
  • MyPHPBib
    MyPHPBib is for managing bibliographic references. It can import references in several formats (e.g., EndNote and RIS), as well as importing references directly from PubMed. MyPHPBib is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database.
  • mySerialz
    mySerialz is a Web application that allows users to keep track of their serial keys.
  • NekoHTML
    NekoHTML is a simple HTML scanner and tag balancer that enables application programmers to parse HTML documents and access the information using standard XML interfaces.
  • newdocms
    newdocms is a document management system that allows users to define any number of document attributes, and then run queries on the database where these are registered.
  • OpenDocMan
    OpenDocMan is a web based document management system designed to comply with ISO 17025 and OIE standard for document management. Written in PHP and using MySQL as it's database, it features fine grained control of access to files, a detailed search engine, and file moderation.
  • OPUS
    OPUS is a repository software. OPUS can archive electronic documents to make them available for users to search, to browse, and to simplify the publishing process.
  • oTranCe
    oTranCe offers a ready to go and entirely Web-based translation platform to your project and your translators.
  • PDFdirectory
    PDFdirectory is for the creation of a printable directory in pdf format. Uses: church groups, sports teams etc. Selected members of the org. directly enter information on members, teams, clubs etc. Upload offline created pdf files.
  • PHP Explorer
    This PHP script provides the full range of server-side file management functions, including upload, download, move, copy, rename, delete etc. of files and folders. It relies entirely on HTTP (no ftp).
  • phpexplorator
    phpexplorator is a Web-based interface to manage files remotely. It allows the user to explore, manage, preview, edit, create, copy, rename, download, upload, zip, unzip, and perform other operations on files, images, and directories located on the server. It is integrated with TinyMCE.
    (commercial) PHPKB is an easy-to-use, powerful knowledge base software package that allows users to easily create and maintain a FAQ, article directory, or complete customer support knowledge base system. It features simple installation, a WYSIWYG HTML editor, attachments, unlimited questions and answers, an active response system, and much more.
  • phpLiveDocx
    phpLiveDocx allows PHP developers to generate documents by combining structured data from PHP with a template, created in a WYSIWYG word processor.
  • phpShare
    phpShare is a web-based file browser written in php.
  • phpXplorer
    phpXplorer is an open source file manage- ment system written in PHP. It enables you to work on a remote file system through a web browser. By default it has got dialogs for editing HTML, PHP, image, Apache, compressed and email files.
  • Sciret
    Sciret is an advanced knowledge base system.
  • SeedDMS
    SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document management system forked from and fully compatible with LetoDMS.
  • SelfBuild
    SelfBuild is an editor to modify any file on a Web site from any PC. You can create/delete files or directories, edit names or content, upload, and copy/paste. It uses XHTML-CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and AJAX.
  • sFileManager
    sFileManager is a php drop-in file manager with access limits and upload, rename, delete and make-dir options. 1.0 (OneDotOh) First stage release of various utils.
  • SimplyBibTeX
    SimplyBibTeX is a simple PHP server application to view and share BibTeX bibliographies. Your coworkers can subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds and get notified if something changes in the particular database. It supports unlimited databases, stores metadata and is using an internal templating mechanism to change the user interface.
  • SiSU
    SiSU (Serialized information, Structured Units) is is a document creation and management framework. It manages electronic texts and document collections with minimal markup requirements, and provides an "atomic search" and text positioning system. It can produce output as plain-text, HTML, XHTML, XML, LaTeX, PDF, or SQL (for PostgreSQL or SQLite). Read more
  • sitemap
    sitemap indexes all pages under the current directory and writes an HTML map page to standard output. The code looks for description information for each page in a meta `description' header; if it doesn't find one, the page is omitted from the index.
  • Symlinker
    Symlinker is a minimalistic file manager that is built to primarily operate with symlinks.
  • TinyFCK
    TinyFCK integrates the TinyMCE rich text editor with FCKEditor's file manager and uploader. TinyFCK combines the advantages of TinyMCE's features with a free file manager.
  • tru filemanager
    tru filemanager is a Web-based file manager. It easy to install and use, is capable of supporting multple users, and has an array of permissions
  • VFS
    VFS is a Web-based system that allows authorised users to upload and download files. It is a file sharing utility aimed at communities that wish to share files across the Internet and where traditional mechanisms aren't appropriate or efficient.
  • WebDirectory
    WebDirectory provides a Web-based frontend to an ordinary directory structure of your filesystem. There is no need to import your current data, and no problem exporting your data for backup
  • WebFM
    WebFM (Web File Manager) allows you to manage (upload, delete, move, copy) files in your Web root through your browser. It is also suited for mass-hosting environments.
  • WebShell
    (commercial) WebShell is a fully-featured file/Website manager.
  • Wefis
    Wefis is a Web-based file manager allowing users to securely manage files hosted on the server via HTTP(S). It is based on AJAX technology and the Prasi security system. Wefis allows users to perform most of the actions commonly done via FTP. They can upload a near-unlimited number of files at any one time, do multiple actions on a selection of files, download individual items, or many in a tar.gz archive, and more. Quotas and read-only access can be enforced.
  • xmlformat
    xmlformat is a formatter (or "pretty-printer") for XML documents. It is useful when you want XML documents to have a standard format.
  • XMLStarlet
    XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using simple set of shell commands in similar way it is done for plain text files using UNIX grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc commands.
  • XODA
    XODA is a DMS (Document Management System) that uses Ajax. It uses no database backend, but allows the addition and editing of descriptions, tags, and categories for files and directories, as well as performing regular actions like moving, renaming, and deleting. The project targets end users who want to organize all kinds of documents on a remote machine running a Web server with PHP support.
  • YaFM
    a web-based file manager written in PHP and licensed under the GPL. It allows you to upload, download, view, edit, copy, move/rename, change permissions and owner group of a single file or a group of files which reside on a unix filesystem local to the script

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