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 · Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES


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Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
Google Cloud Dataflow provides a simple, powerful programming model for building both batch and streaming parallel data processing pipelines.

(Read more)
MixZing is an advanced music player for the Android platform. It also has limited support to play video files.


  • FOG
    Fog is a free and open source computer imaging solution for Windows XP and Vista that ties together a few open-source tools with a php-based web interface. Read more hot
  • adamoto
    adamoto is a client/server based application for deploying software packages with a web-frontend. The web-frontend in conjunction with the server enables you to administrate and monitor the deployment of software packages on the computers in your network.
  • ApacheConf
    ApacheConf provides Web based configuration of virtual servers on Apache, using PHP.
  • CA Web Helper
    CA Web Helper is a helper web application writen in PhP and Perl to mantain local Certificate Authority based on openssl. Provides ability to view issued certificates, issue new certificates, revoke compromised certificates.
  • cgipaf
    cgipaf allows users to change their un*x Password, Autoreply and mail Forwarding by a web interface.
  • ChangePassword
    ChangePassword is a tool that was developed with the objective to modify the passwords of passwd, samba and squid through the web.
  • Clan Admin
    Clan Admin is a Perl CGI script to administer a Clan Website. Easily takes care of the following, News Page, an Active Roster, a Link Manager, Schedules Matches, Match Records, Personal Bio pages.
  • Clipperz Community Edition
    Clipperz is a Web-based password manager. Local encryption within the browser guarantees that no one except you can read your data. With Clipperz, you can quickly login to Web sites, as well as organize and store logins and any confidential data.
  • ClusterControl
    ClusterControl is a web-interface to simplify distributing and monitoring bioinformatics applications on Linux cluster systems. This software is based on a modular concept that enables integration of command-line oriented programs into the application framework of ClusterControl. The system enables integration of different applications accessed through one interface and executed on a distributed cluster system. The use of wide spread and freely available technologies like Apache as web-server, PHP as server-side scripting-language and OpenPBS or Sun Grid Engine (SGE) as queuing system enables straightforward installation on common operating systems.
  • ConfiMM
    ConfiMM is a Web Server Administration Suite. Will handle the following parts of a WebServer: Apache Virtualhosts, Posfix E-Mails, Proftpd, MySQL and later BIND. Supports 3 Userlevels: Admin, Reseller, User. Written in PHP+MYSQL and Bash.
  • DAVAdmin
    DAVAdmin is a Web-based frontend for the administration of an Apache 2.2 Web server's WebDAV area using HTTP-Digest-Authentication. You may create directories and users inside a configured directory and assign the users and directories to groups to implement access control to these directories.
  • Drop Bocks
    Drop Bocks is a complete, web-based file upload administration tool that makes adding file upload capabilities to any existing website simple and straight-forward.
  • Electric Death Ferret
    Electric Death Ferret is a Perl daemon which runs in the background and sets up new system accounts and virtual hosts.
  • Enomalism Virtualized Management Console
    The Enomalism Virtualized Management Console (VMC) is a open source web-based systems administrator management tool for XEN hypervisor. Servers with hundreds of multiple isolated virtualized systems can be managed like a standalone server. Enomalism also includes a virtual server creation wizard and templates to facilitate virtualized server configuration, application deployment and centralized software patch management
  • Fastdeploy
    (commercial) FastDeploy is an open source tool to automate the process of installing operating systems like RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows. In the purest sense FastDeploy fancies itself an abstraction layer between the multitudes of automated / scripted installer mechanisms available with most modern operating systems. This enables the user to take advantage of a common interface (Web) to automate the deployment of operating systems without involving themselves in the complexity of the underlying automation script semantics.
  • Froxlor
    Froxlor is Web-based system administration software based on the system control panel SysCP. It focuses primarily on simplicity and usability.
  • Generic Configuration Form Manager
    Generic Configuration Form Manager (GCFM aka webconfig) is a minimalist web server which provides some web service to update configuration file.
  • GNUPanel
    GNUPanel is a Web hosting control panel for Debian. It is written mostly in PHP, and uses a PostgreSQL database to store all virtual account information. The list of supported software includes Apache 2.x, Postfix, Courier POP/IMAP, ProFTPD, PowerDNS, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.1, Mailman, Squirrelmail, ClamAV, Spamassasin, PHPmyadmin, PHPpgadmin, Webalizer and awstat.
  • GONICUS System Administrator
    GONICUS System Administrator is a PHP based administration tool for managing accounts and systems in LDAP databases. It administers users and groups, mail distribution lists, thin clients, and faxes.
  • GOsa
    GOsa is a GPL'ed PHP based administration tool for managing accounts and systems in LDAP databases provided by the GONICUS GmbH, Arnsberg, Germany. It administers users and groups, mail distribution lists, thin clients and faxes. Users can retrieve information about themselves, use LDAP telephone lists, change their password, view fax statistics and are allowed to configure their mail account in a limited way.
  • HTAdmin
    HTAdmin is a basic and simple PHP tool for administrating Apache .htpasswd files.
  • httpmanage
    httpmanage is a PHP3 tool that provides functions to manage two versions of WWW files.
  • i-MSCP
    i-MSCP (Internet Multi Server Control Panel) is a powerful control panel that makes it easy to manage shared hosting environments without any human intervention on the server file system.
  • Incredible Hosting System
    Incredible Hosting System is a tool that allows you to administrate a hosting system using a Web browser. The aim is to support administrators and users. It currently includes support for Virtual Qmail.
  • ISPMan
    ISPMan is a distributed system used to manage components of an ISP from a central management interface. Its written entirely in Perl, using an LDAP backend to manage DNS, Apache virtual hosts, Postfix, Cyrus, FTP, etc.
  • Just For Fun Network Management System
    JFFNMS is a Network Management System designed to mantain a IP SNMP / Syslog / Tacacs+ Network. It can be used to monitor any standards compilant SNMP device, Server, TCP port or Custom Poller, also it has some Cisco oriented features.
  • KForge
    KForge is an open-source (GPL) system for managing software and knowledge projects. It re-uses existing best-of-breed tools such as a versioned storage (subversion), a tracker (trac), and wiki (trac or moinmoin), integrating them with the system?s own facilities (projects, users, permissions etc). KForge also provides a complete web interface for project administration as well a fully-developed plugin system so that new services and features can be easily added.
  • LDAP Navigator
    LDAP Navigator is a web based LDAP administration console to ease LDAP adminsitrators every day tasks. Features a tree view, a search engine, edit/add/modify/delete operations, and nifty features such as a batch mode, a plugin system to extend the console.
  • m23
    m23 allows systems administrators to install and manage hundreds of clients. It can partition and format the clients and install and uninstall thousands of software packages over an existing network. Read more
  • maxhosts
    maxhosts is a set of scripts to manage many virtual domains on a single machine.
  • MQ Auditor
    (commercial) MQ Auditor is a solution that allows a company to audit and track all MQ API calls performed by MQ applications that are connected to a queue manager. The API Exit operates with WebSphere MQ v5.3, v6.0, or v7.0 in Windows, Unix, IBM i, and Linux environments.
  • myPMS
    myPMS is a free password management application which will require you to remember only one password making the management of your important passwords simple.
  • NagMIN
    NagMIN is a WebMIN module that provides centralized, integrated, web-based management of popular Open Source monitoring tools to help create a holistic network monitoring environment.
  • NagminV
    NagminV is a fork of Frederick Reimer's NagMin. NagMIN is a configuration tool for Linux. It features automatic backups history function, and an improved search
  • NagVis
    NagVis is a visualization addon for the well known network managment system Nagios. NagVis can be used to visualize Nagios data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.
  • OGRI
    OGRI (Original Generic Reporting Intranet) provides a simple Web-based interface with "portals" for viewing any number of reports in a secure manner.
  • openPLM
    openPLM is a Web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application. It provides a configuration management system that manages all kind of files and data as documents in a product structure.
  • PHP Squid Pass
    phpSquidPass is a utility to change user authentication files for the squid web proxy written in PHP. The purpose is to provide proxy users a way to change their passwords without having to access the server directly, or asking the system administrator.
  • phpAdamoto
    phpAdamoto is a mass administration and software deployment tool with a Web console. phpAdamoto lets you start script code on a chosen subset of your network systems with just some mouse clicks on a Web console.
  • PHPChain
    PHPChain is a secure web password database.
  • PhpMyExplorer
    PhpMyExplorer allows you to update your site online without any FTP access.
  • phpPasswordManager
    phpPasswordManager is a free online password management system / manager written in PHP. It organise your different accounts in groups and makes them accessible over a webinterface. Each account can be encrypted with a different masterpassword.
  • phpScheduleIt
    phpScheduleIt is a web-based reservation system that allows administered management of reservations on any number of resources. Typical applications are room or machine reservation management. Written in PHP and tested on MySQL. Read more
  • phpSecurityAdmin
    phpSecurityAdmin allows you to manage user accounts and access rights; add, edit, or delete users; change access and connection rights; create and manage profiles to allow an efficient method of creating multiple users with similar access rights.
  • Plesk Server Administrator
    (commercial) Plesk Server Administrator is a multi-platform, Web-based software solution that simplifies and automates the administration of UNIX and Linux Web servers.
  • PQAdmin
    PQAdmin is a frontend to configure the Linux print quotas support using Webmin.
  • RA-WebPass
    RA-WebPass is a Web application for changing your Linux system passwords.
  • Radar
    Radar provides a web based interface for administrating the Tomcat server.
  • RAdmin
    RAdmin is a web-based Radius User Management package for Radiator. It allows you to add, remove and configure Radius users, check usage summaries, drill down to usage details, check modem usage and much more.
  • remerge
    remerge is a simple web interface to Gentoo Linux's 'portage' package management and building system. remerge allows the installation, uninstallation, and upgrading of Portage packages.

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