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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
(commercial) Minecraft is a sandbox construction indie video game where you can build anything imagineable. It is also about blocks and collecting. The game is inspired by Infiniminer, a block-based digging/building game, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. Read more


  • Amedes
    Amedes is a member file management system based on the Expression web application framework. It aims to help with day-to-day tasks and communication within thousand-member organizations.
  • Andy's PHP Knowledgebase
    Andy's PHP Knowledgebase using MySQL is a database driven knowledgebase management system. It includes bookmark friendly URLs, Q&A, easy search with browsing by category, article submission, a powerful administrator interface and a professional and attractive interface.
  • Bluetail Ticket Tracker
    Bluetail Ticket Tracker is a system for creating, storing and keeping track of tickets. A ticket describes an issue of some sort. It can, for example, be a Trouble Report or a ToDo note.
  • ConTagged
    ConTagged is a web-based address book for small companies written in PHP. It provides access to a company-wide address book, as well as private address books for each employee. All contact details are stored in the LDAP directory and are available from all common e-mail clients.
  • DeciGen
    DeciGen is a Web-based ERP with added features for help in decision making process. DeciGen incorporates Decision Support System over an framework of ERP to provide a feature rich solution. It aims to achieve the final goal of IT - to run business smoothly.
  • easyNotes
    easyNotes is a webbased notes management tool for small to medium companies.
  • GContact
    GContact is a Web application that allows you to manage your address book online. You can add people with multiple contacts (email, phone, ICQ, MSN, etc.) and multiple addresses. It can notify you of next birthdays by email, and you can export all your data in Excel format. Mailing lists can also be managed to send an email to a group of people.
  • GPLTrans
    GPLTrans is a translation engine which is released under the GPL. This is designed for Web use, since it is essentially a CGI program.
  • gtd-php
    gtd-php is a Web-based implementation of the personal productivity system Getting Things Done.
  • Guau! Baby Log
    Guau! Baby Log is a Web application that helps you take note of the important moments you wish or need to remember about the first months of the life of your baby.
  • Information Manager
    Information Manager handles formatting and the links on a Web page automatically.
  • jXmas
    jXmas is a GPL'd family-oriented online christmas list application. It allows members of a family to create their own christmas lists, see each other's christmas lists, mark items on each other's lists as purchased, and add items to each other's lists.
  • knotview
    Knotview is a crossing between a concept mapper, a wiki, and a database. The main idea behind it is to split information into small chunks (knots) and make links between them. Visual organisation is not enforced: links can be drawn arbitrarily. With Knotview, only the user decides how the information must be shown. Creating links pointing towards files or URLs is possible, and make it very easy to gather scattered information into a single place. Knotview can be used as a powerful bookmark manager, a mind mapper, a small database, and much more.
  • Laverna
    Laverna is a simple to use, open source JavaScript note-taking web application with a Markdown editor and encryption support. It's built to be an open source alternative to Evernote, a suite of software and services, designed for notetaking and archiving. Read more
  • LDAPab
    LDAPab is a Web-based address book for small companies. It features a public address book which is writable for all company staff and a personal address book for each staff member. It requires an existing LDAP server to authenticate users.
  • Memonaut
    Memonaut is an application to make and organize notes. It allows you to move, indent, and structure your notes easily.
  • Mneme
    Mneme is a combination of Web application and shell scripts that are used to help people remember upcoming events or action that they need to take.
  • My Address Book
    My Address Book is a web-based address book designed to help you keep a record of your friends' addresses, providing a list of your contacts (which may be filtered), details of a particular contact, categories, import and export of data (e.g. from spreadsheets), and a Christmas card list.
  • MyAddressbook
    MyAddressBook is a web-based e-mail address book, written in PHP and MySQL, and designed to interface with your default e-mail client. It has a clean, easy-to-use interface, stores addresses in categories, and allows users to easily compose mail to multiple recipients.
  • myGifts
    myGifts enable people to share their gift wish-lists. People can add gifts to their lists, decide who can(cannot) see them, claim other people gifts. (available in multiple languages & multiple skins).
  • OpenReference
    OpenReference is a Servlet/JSP based database application to manage your or your group's research references. It is ideal for academic and business researchers.
  • Phonebook.php3
    Phonebook.php3 supports searching based on site, department, or name, and features online paging and an admin interface.
  • PHP iAddressbook
    PHP iAddressbook is an address book for a single user that features Personal or Business Cards (tons of fields), searching, transparent vCard import/export, multi-language support, design templates and an intuitive interface. It aims at 100% compatibility with AddressBook in Mac OS X.
  • PHP Running Management
    PHP Running Management or phpRunMan is a set of scripts for runners. Users can enter intermediate times of their training or race performance for calculating various statistics (distance, avg speed, time/km, projection on different distance, etc.).
  • PHP System Administrator Tool
    PHP System Administrator Tool is a workflow utility designed specifically for System Administrator's. It lets sysadmin's manage the jobs that users submit, with user submitted jobs entered via email or, alternatively, the sysadmin's can manually enter jobs on the behalf of user.
  • PHP-x10
    PHP-x10 is a PHP interface to the BottleRocket x10 Firecracker software. It is based very closely on CGI-x10.
  • phpMyCatalog
    phpMyCatalog is a PHP+MySQL program to catalog the contents of your CDs, DVDs or just directories on your hard drive automatically. It stores the data in a MySQL database, then you can search for specific files or other contents to locate your documents, music, programs.
  • phpWebNotes
    phpWebNotes is a php based solution to letting users contribute their own comments to a document. This project was originally conceived to help people who maintain technical help documents and how-tos. It is more direct than searching through a forum and less involving for the users than signing up for a mailing list.
  • phpWishlist
    phpWishlist is a web-based wish list manager. It is ideal for anyone who has ever received three of the same item for Christmas or a birthday. The items on your wishlist can be claimed by others, notifying everyone else that at least one of the item has already been purchased.
  • Piggydb
    Piggydb is a Web application for building personal knowledge base systems. You can write your knowledge in the same manner as blogging. Piggydb enables you to create highly structural knowledge by providing the features such as hierarchical tagging and flexible relationships between knowledge fragments. It encourages you to organize your knowledge continuously to discover new ideas or concepts, and moreover enrich your knowledge.
  • Prime8
    Prime8 is a global LDAP address book management Web interface. It provides a very simple interface for viewing and maintaining a company-wide address book running off an LDAP directory.
  • queXC
    queXC cleans and codes / classifies qualitative and other textual data (such as data collected from a questionnaire). Multiple operators can work on a single data file using only a web browser. Coding / classification schemes can be created on the fly or imported.
  • RDVz
    RDVz is a Web application for setting conveniences for meeting appointments between several persons. RDVz uses a poll system: each invited user votes for one of the dates suggested by the meeting organizer.
  • sCal-2
    sCal-2 is a set of small, script-programmable calculators for science and engineering that features hundreds of unit conversions and other procedures.
  • Shezhu Resource Sharing System
    Shezhu Resource Sharing System is an application for scheduling and booking shared resources such as rooms and equipment. The client only needs a modern Web browser.
  • The Address Book Reloaded
    The Address Book Reloaded is a Web application to store contact details of employees/customers in UTF-8 format on an intranet or Web site. It features login/user accounts, email harvesting protection, Google Maps support, distributed management of contacts, PDF address book generation, plugins, styles, and SSL certificate authority management. It stores portraits of contacts, addresses, emails, phone numbers, VoIP/SIP numbers, Web sites, MMS and media info, occupation, function, projects, and freestyle info as HTML notes. It supports URIs for automatic VoIP dialing with Skype or SIP clients.
  • TongueTied
    TongueTied is a Web based application that helps with the creation of keywords with support for multi-language or multi-region resources.
  • Universal File Mover
    Universal File Mover (UFM) manages the transfer of files. The user combines a series of Action commands to create the UFM Workflow XML file.
  • Web-NoteTaker
    Web-NoteTaker is a PHP/MySQL Web-based note taking tool designed for "formal" note taking. It was originally designed to facilitate the author's note taking process, which required tracking who said what during a meeting and then how what was said "evolved". The tool allows you to attribute notes to attendees and give notes "types", and it timestamps the entries.
  • WebKNotes
    WebKNotes is a dynamic web based Knowledge database.
  • XellPlan
    XellPlan is a set of very simple php scripts (utilizing a Mysql database) to create plans for events and provide a means for people (e.g. volunteers) to enlist for the various positions.
  • xmlBlaster
    xmlBlaster is a publish/subscribe and point to point MOM server (message-oriented middleware) which exchanges XML-encoded messages between publishers and subscribers.
  • y-notes
    y-notes is a simple system that allows you to specify points of your web pages which your website's visitors will be able to annotate.

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