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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
Kega Fusion
Kega Fusion is an impressive multi-console emulator created by Steve Snake. The emulator supports most of the Sega consoles, including the GameGear, Genesis (Mega Drive), Master System, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Sega Pico, SG-1000, SG-3000 and SF-7000. Read more


  • Exponent
    Exponent is a website content management system (or CMS) that allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic websites without necessarily directly coding web pages, or managing site navigation.
  • Exscribe
    Exscribe is a set of php scripts used to run a web log or "blog". Currently it requires a web server with php and a postgresql database. Exscribe is different from other blog systems in that it has a very simple and powerful template system.
  • eZ publish
    eZ publish is a toolkit for building dynamic internetsolutions. Internetpublishing, e-commerce, corporate portals (intra/extranets), corporate websites and portals are some of the areas where eZ publish provide a powerful platform. Read more
  • ezContents
    ezContents is an easy Website content management system. It allows you to maintain menus and submenus, add authors, and maintain the contents of a Website.
  • Falt4
    Falt4 is a business approved content management system (CMS). It is feature-rich and has a clean administration area. It has functions for the Internet professional, but is designed for everyone. CMS modules are available. Additional core features include workflow (with role-based permissions), a security subsystem, versioning, mod_rewrite, statistics, and more.
  • Fastcm
    Fastcm is a simple Web Content Management system, allowing to share same contents through an entire site or several different sites.
  • FeinCMS
    FeinCMS is a Django-based CMS with a focus on extensibility and concise code.
  • Ferret CMS
    Ferret CMS is a Content Management System based on Zope and oriented to a fast deployment of web sites. The main idea behind Ferret CMS is to be very easy to manage and to develop a site very quickly.
  • FishCMS
    FishCMS is a content management system being developed to fill the needs of Christian websites. It was originally designed to be a prayer list and has progressed from there. It currently depends on phpBB2 for user authentication.
  • Fork CMS
    Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor, and update your website.
  • Frog CMS
    Frog CMS is an open source content management system. It was originally known as phpRadiant. Frog CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management. Read more
  • FTB ConMan
    FTB ConMan is a dynamic website CMS for those who believe in standards and usability. It uses Perl with a MySQL database. The system creates table-free CSS-based layouts following XHTML and CSS W3C standards.
  • GetSimple CMS
    GetSimple is a free and open source XML based, standalone, fully independent and light Content Management System. GetSimple offers an extra simple way to manage a small-business website. Read more
  • GForge
    GForge is a fork of the 2.61 SourceForge code, which was only available via anonymous CVS from VA.
  • Ginf
    Ginf is a Web-site creation software for the Linux platform, in the lines of Netscape Composer and Microsoft FrontPage.
  • gpEasy
    gpEasy is a complete content management system that lets users create rich and flexible Web sites with a simple and easy-to-use interface. The embedded design of the admin interface allows users to instantly see changes in a single browser window.
  • Groupy
    Groupy is a content management system that allows groups within an organization to share multi-lingual content. It provides a unique tool for organizing diverse content types (Articles, News, Files, Images, Events, etc.) in a rich editing environment similar to a wiki.
  • Harpia
    Harpia is a topic-centric content management system.
  • Hivurt
    Hivurt is a content management system powered by a component architecture. It gives you the strength of Zope 3 in an easy to use environment. It allows you to easily switch between ZODB and PostgreSQL data storage and features search and indexes, an easy editor UI, front-end skins, and localization and internationalization. Existing data stored inside an RDBMS can easily be accessed as Zope objects.
  • Holometabolous
    Holometabolous is a content management, profiling, and application suite built on top of software from the Apache foundation, most especially Cocoon, with a database backend.
  • HTMLManager
    HTMLManager is a static content manager that enables you to build and mantain a complex site without PHP, mod_perl, mod_python, CGI, or any other type of server-side scripting. It also allows you to build your site on your own machine and then upload the generated files to your Web server.
  • IDThemes
    IDThemes is an implementation of innovative methods in the development of qualitative themes and templates for Drupal content management system.
  • ikaaro
    ikaaro is a content management system written with the Python programming language and using the itools library. Its features include content and document mangement (metadata, indexing and searching), multilingual user interfaces and content, and high level modules (wiki, forum, tracker).
  • imCMS
    imCMS is a professional level, open source role based, Content Management System. It can be used to create and manage complex websites, intranets and/or portals.
  • ImpressCMS
    ImpressCMS allows you to easily build and maintain a dynamic Web site. It is a fork of XOOPS and is fully compatible with XOOPS modules and themes, but has many improvements. These include native multilingual support, a completely redesigned admin interface, management of unlimited block positions on the user side, easy cloning of existing blocks with a single click, a redesigned installation wizard with inline help at every step, many security improvements including the introduction of the Trust Path concept, which allows the storing of sensitive data outside the Web root, an automatic version checker, and a customizable privacy policy feature. Read more
  • Infernal Icecube
    Infernal Icecube is a client-side blogging tool for Unix-like systems that requires no server-side scripting. It provides templates, RSS, versioning, your choice of text editor, and a human-friendly markup language. It is easy to use from scripts and has few external dependencies.
  • inicrond
    inicrond is a education-oriented content management system. It is writtent in php and support MySQL.
  • InvisCMS
    InvisCMS is a powerful platform for the creation of flexible, scalable, user-friendly Web projects. The system architecture is based on the XML format, and consists of two parts: the packages and modules. Packages are designed to implement program logic of the system, while modules are the functional units and implement some features, including user interface. All sensitive information is encrypted, and users are granted access to administrative features based on their security profile.
  • ion-cms
    ion-cms is an open source content management system using J2EE and XML technologies. The ion project is an effort to provide a very simple but powerful content management system based on the most recents technologies. Ion is 100% compliant with J2EE standards, uses XML to define contents structures, XSL to provide rendered contents in many format (HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, ...), and JSP with JSTL as a template system.
  • iWare
    iWare is a powerful and versatile web based content management system designed to make creating a professional web presence easy without the associated hassles of learning to program or master a 3rd party application.
  • iWiccle
    iWiccle is a Web 2.0 framework platform and a hybrid CMS community builder for developing Web sites.
  • IXThemes
    IXThemes is an implementation of innovative methods in the development of qualitative universality themes and templates for content management systems based on the XOOPS Web application platform such as pure XOOPS, ImpressCMS, EXM System, and others.
  • Jakarta Slide
    Jakarta Slide is a Content Management and Integration System, which can be seen as a low-level content management framework.
  • jCore
    jCore is a Web Content Management System build especially for Webmasters (using the well known LAMP environment) who have to maintain multiple Websites for their clients and would like to keep the source codes up to date and easily fix bugs for all clients at once.
  • Job Manager
    (commercial) Job Manager is a human resource content management solution for updating and editing job postings on your website.
  • JpCache for Ampoliros
    AmpJpCache is a lightweight, full page caching system for the Magellan content management systems, thus reducing server-load, as pages are generated less often.
  • Krang
    Krang is an open-source content-management system designed to publish magazine websites. It is a Perl application which uses Apache/mod_perl and MySQL, as well as numerous CPAN modules.
  • Kumera
    Kumera is an Open Source Content Management System written in Perl and using XML for data storage, designed for small to medium web sites.
  • L-Portal
    L-Portal is a site content manager for small sites. It is not build to server users, and to have much fancy stuff (yet) What it does offer you is simple way of putting a quick site online to provide visitors with information.
  • La-Nai
    La-Nai is a CMS-like system that has basic modules, blocks, and templates.
  • Lanai Core
    Lanai Core is a mature OOP framework for building Web, command line, and GUI applications. It allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources and build complex applications quickly. The compact core framework includes a basic CMS and other modules to help you get started. It features a shallow learning curve, a performance-conscious design, and tight integration with the PEAR libraries.
  • lancms
    LAN party content management and organizing system
  • Lanius CMS
    Lanius CMS is a lightweight PHP dynamic Web authoring and content managment system with an embedded flat file database and support for any other database system. It is high speed, very secure, and fully internationalized and customizable. It works on PHP 4 and 5.
  • Latemp
    Latemp (a play on "Template") is based on Website Meta Language, a powerful framework for generating static HTML. Latemp allows one to create attractive, themable sites, which are very usable, accessible and fully standards compliant. Latemp is open-source software, fully usable, modifiable and distributable under the terms of the MIT X11 license.
  • Lazarus
    Lazarus is a collection of powerful components that make it easy for non-technical people to update and maintain a Web site.
  • lgsp
    lgsp is an environment for creating the initial version of a site. You write your wishes into the LGSP configuration file, and you are not only able to determine the whole logical structure but also the outfit of your site. By evaluating this configuration file LGSP automatically generates all demanded files of your site, and these pages already respect the wished visual design.
  • LiveCMS
    LiveCMS is a PHP/MySQL Spanish content management system tool designed to let non-technical users manage their contents in the web. Main features are manage: categories, subcategories, articles, article pages, multiple users, WYSIWYG, upload files.
  • Lodel
    Lodel is a Web publishing system. Text-processed documents (in DOC, RTF or SXW) are imported using a server-side OpenOffice. Documents are structurated with "styles" in a word processor. Lodel automatically produces sites with table of contents, keyword index, author index, and much more. It is compliant with Dublin Core, UTF8, CSS and XHTML.
  • LogiCreate
    LogiCreate is built to run modules of code (what we call 'pellets'). The modules are built around a standard system API to handle issues such as security, data access and logging in a standard way.
  • Mac's CMS
    Mac's CMS is a flat file (XML and SQLite) AJAX content management system. It focuses mainly on the "Edit In Place" editing concept.

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