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 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES
 · SMPlayer with support for MPV is now available
 · USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer


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Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
Portland, Oregon-based Crowd Supply, a curated crowdfunding and e-commerce company that focuses on open-source projects, has launched a project to create the first pure free-software laptop: Purism Librem 15.

(Read more)
Bonita Open Solution
Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process-based applications for simple-to-complex projects. Read more


  • Blogilo
    Blogilo (formerly known as Bilbo) is a full featured blogging client with many features similar to Windows Live Writer. It supports famous blogging APIs. Read more hot
  • WordPress
    WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. It is the official successor of b2/cafelog, as b2 development has stopped. Read more hot
  • AmphetaRate
    AmphetaRate is a centralized ratings/recommendation service that provides personalized news and blog recommendations through a news aggregator interface. Using compatible aggregators, you can rate articles found in your subscribed feeds to discover articles and feeds that suit your taste, thus filling your news addiction.
  • Ananta
    Ananta makes it possible for unexperienced users to create a professional high-quality Web site quickly, while keeping the codebase clean and easy to build upon for both developers and designers. Ananta produces valid XHTML 1.0 code, and uses almost no tables. Ananta aims to be as search-engine friendly as possible, without using dirty tricks that may eventually get you banned. Ananta tries to be as multifunctional as possible without making things overly complicated.
  • Aquarium Text Filter
    Aquarium is a text filtering package written in PHP. It filters nearly all four-letter words, profanities, curses, and pornographic language from any text, while filtering nearly no benign words. Aquarium can keep your blog, forum, guestbook, or other dynamic Web application clean and suitable for all ages.
  • b2
    a news/blog tool
  • b2atom
    b2atom provides an ATOM feed for b2-based weblogs.
  • b2evolution
    b2evolution is a classy news/weblog tool (aka logware), i-e software allowing you to run newsfeeds and weblogs. Read more
  • baker
    baker is a static blog generator in bash.
  • bbgun
    bbgun moves phpBB forums to WordPress blogs. bbgun pulls a forum entry from the phpBB database, translates the text (bbCode to strict XHTML), date, and other fields, and pushes the translated entry into the WordPress database.
  • bBlog
    a blogging system written in PHP and released under the GPL. It is smarty centric, includes plugins, and is metaweblog compatible
  • Bilbo Blogger
    Bilbo Blogger is a blogging application focused on simplicity and usability. It is based on the KBlog blogging library. It will support most popular blogging APIs.
  • Blink
    Blink is a tiny blog engine. It supports running multiple blogs.
  • Blip
    Blip is a tiny Bash blog engine. Posts are uploaded by hand and published as-is.
  • BlogBridge
    BlogBridge is a Java based blog, feed and RSS aggregator for ?info-junkies?. Read more
  • BloGTK
    BloGTK is a weblog client that allows you to post to your weblog from Linux without the need for a separate browser window. BloGTK allows you to connect with many weblog systems such as Blogger, Movable Type, pMachine, and more. Read more
  • Blokkal
    Blokkal is a KDE blogging client designed to support multiple protocols and blogging sites. The goal is to provide a uniform way to access the most-commonly-used blogging systems.
  • Blosxom
    Blosxom (pronounced "Blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind. Read more
  • Bluetrait
    Bluetrait is a weblog tool. It has support for multiple users, XHTML output, an event viewer, RSS, and link management.
  • bplog
    a minimal weblog/news script for use with Apache+PHP+MySQL
  • ChatterBox
    an HTML/PHP/MySQL based chat application which will have support for avatars, profiles, private rooms, a messaging system and possibly a blog
  • Cheesecake Photoblog
    CheeseCake Photoblog is a feature-rich photoblog application. It has a clean MVC code architecture, generates URL that are clean and search engine friendly, and has a comment system with spam protection via Akismet as well as a 'Black List'.
  • Coq au Vin
    Coq au Vin is a simple blogging engine written in Chicken Scheme. It is currently distributed as an egg, which is a Chicken-specific extension package.
  • (pronounced: "sign-in") is a service that allows teams, companies or communities to manage, organize, store, version, search through, collaborate & discuss upon, share and publish any kind of information or data.
  • Discloser
    a webjournal/blog written in PHP using MySQL. It has been designed to have a clean, easy to use interface allowing one or more people to maintain a blog with varying levels of access, and to allow multiple types of content
  • Drivel
    Drivel is a GNOME client for working with online journals, commonly known as weblogs or simply ?blogs?. Most popular journal servers are supported, including Advogato, Atom, Blogger, LiveJournal, and MovableType. It retains a simple and elegant design while providing many powerful features. Read more
  • Drukkar
    Drukkar is a small blogging software program and CMS made with the following in mind: Minimum page overhead, working without a database, and easy releasing files with posts.
  • EasyMoblog
    EasyMoblog is an open-source platform for the publishing of personal weblogs and moblogs. With EasyMoblog it's easy to create customizable and easy-to-use weblogs with text, links and images.
  • is a simple and flexible tool that helps Web designers and people who yearn for control over their websites. It provides the ease of use of Blogging without forcing the end result to resemble a diary.
  • Elgg: the Learning Landscape
    Elgg is a personal learning landscape with the goal of connecting learners, instructors and resources creating communities of learning. Create your own weblog, journal, store of files like photos and Word documents, communities, social networks.
  • ELOG Electronic Web Logbook
    ELOG Electronic Web Logbook is an electronic logbook with a Web interface. It can be used to maintain personal or shared logbooks, with the ability to add attachments to logbook pages.
  • Firedrop2
    Firedrop2 is a client-side blog tool that makes it possible to create and maintain your blogs on your PC. It supports RSS feeds, categories, and archives and accepts HTML, Sextile, Textile, and ReST markup. It has a powerful macro and templating system and can automatically FTP your blog to a server. A powerful plugin system is provided along with spell checker and emailer plugins.
  • GeBlog
    a weblog (blog) system written in PHP inspired by PHP-Nuke and Postnuke. It is an attempt to replicate some of the functionality of a normal CMS, while keeping a simple blog interface with template capabilities
  • Grey Matter
    Grey Matter is a CGI-based logging application suitable for a variety of purposes, mainly blogging.
  • Hydrogen CMS
    Hydrogen CMS is an extremely lightweight, modular blogging system. New blogs are created by sending an email with the hydrogen tags to an existing or dedicated email address. CSS and static pages are supported.
  • Jisko
    Jisko is a microblogging platform with support for mobile devices, tags, private messages, themes, avatars, mobile interfaces, customized backgrounds, a Twitter-like API, Twitter integration, and more.
  • Just Journal
    Just Journal allows registered users to comment on other blogs, list friends, consume and provide RSS feeds, and post public, friends only, or private journal entries. It has been tested using MySQL 5.x and Tomcat 5.5.
  • jwaBlogger
    jwaBlogger is an easy to configure, setup, customize, and use social links and blogging environment similar to sites like Digg, Buzzup, DZone, The Server Side, Slashdot, etc.
  • Kukkaisvoima
    Kukkaisvoima is a lightweight blog system made with the Python programming language. It stores all blog entries as plain text files and has no external dependencies outside of Python's standard library (no need for a database engine, etc.).
  • Leonardo
    Leonardo is personal Web site system that includes a password-protected wiki and blog.
  • LifeType
    The goal of the LifeType project is to create a stable multi-user and multi-blogging platform to strengthen the concept of communities around blogs. It is equally suited for blog-hosting and personal weblog installations.
  • malibo
    malibo is a small and simple blog program. Its goal is not to provide the most functionality but to be secure and easy to use. It can be used to create and and edit entries, or create drafts and publish them later, using a rich text editor. Files can be uploaded and directly linked. It has the ability to allow visitors to write comments for each entry.
  • MicroAkismet
    MicroAkismet is a straightforward set of functions for talking to the Akismet blog-spam protection system. This is intended as a simple and compact method for adding Akismet protection to any user-submitted content.
  • MicroBlogger
    MicroBlogger is a small, simple, flexible, reliable weblog engine written entirely in bash script. It has absolutely no dependencies on any other programs--No PHP, no SQL, no CGI, no Perl.
  • Movable Type
    Movable Type is a popular weblog publishing platform for businesses, organizations, developers, and Web designers. It features powerful customization that allows control over everything that is published and an elegant interface that keeps things simple and clear. Read more
  • MuGecube
    MuGecube is a simple, php4 + php5 + filebased multiuser blog/guestbook.
  • My Blog
    This blog script will quickly and easily allow you to post articles and comments for your readers to keep up with. Use MySQL or flatfile data structure. You can select an image to go along with your entry and even attach files. Admin gets emailed when visitors leave comments.
  • myMind
    another lightweight weblog written in PHP 4, designed for MySQL databases. Its features are custom templates and stylesheets, multilingual support, emoticons and spam protection
  • NanoBlogger
    NanoBlogger is a small weblog engine written in Bash, that uses common unix tools, such as cat, grep and sed. It's free to use and modify under the GNU General Public License.

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