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 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
 · Raspberry Pi 2: Raspbian (ARMv6) v Linaro (ARMv7)
 · Raspberry Pi 2 review
 · Chess in a Few Bytes
 · Learn the Art of Computer Programming With These Great Free Beginner Books
 · CD Audio Grabbers
 · fitlet is a tiny fanless PC full of openness
 · MintBox Mini gives Linux users a pocket-sized PC


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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

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(commercial) Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage enterprise information. It cuts costs of management while providing the highest possible quality of service. In addition to providing numerous quality and performance enhancements, Oracle Database 10g significantly reduces the costs of managing the IT environment, with a simplified install, greatly reduced configuration and management requirements, and automatic performance diagnosis and SQL tuning. These and other automated management capabilities help improve DBA and developer productivity and efficiency.


  • Ara RSS Editor
    Ara RSS Editor is designed for building the feed or your website and updating it further. Online editor with add, delete, edit commands. Titles and description are taken automatically from the pages. A manual and test program are included.
  • asNews
    asNews is a simple news retrieving and parsing program, which gets the news from the net and gives it back to you, showing it in your desktop. asNews is currently able to fetch the news from Freshmeat, LinuxToday, Slashdot, Segfault, KDE, LinuxApps, BBC, CentralEurope, 7AM, GeekNews, Linuxdev, IceWalkers, AppWatch, Hotwired and Mozilla.
  • AtoMail
    AtoMail is a script that converts mail messages into an RSS feed. This can be useful for tracking announcement mailing lists in your favorite RSS reader if no classic RSS feed is available. Messages can be retrieved from many different sources, including local mailboxes (mailbox, maildir), remote mailboxes (POP3/IMAP4), and usenet newsgroups (NNTP).
  • Atomibulator
    The Atomibulator is a script that monitors arbitrary Web sites for changes and reports these updates through Atom and RSS feeds.
  • Bloglines
    Bloglines is a web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in place of a desktop client. Read more
  • FeedStater
    FeedStater is an RSS/Atom feed statistics tool. It counts the number of unique visitors, total number of visits, and bot visits, and presents the results in a simple HTML report. An example output can be seen for Planet MicroISV.
  • GetRSS Script
    getrss is a shell script which displays and interacts with RSS feeds. It accepts urls, and supports bookmarks.
  • Google Reader
    Google Reader was a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSSfeeds online or offline. Read more
  • Gregarius
    Gregarius is a Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggregator featuring OPML import/export and XHTML/CSS output.
  • HotSheet
    HotSheet is an RSS news retrieval program. RSS files are lists of news items provided by thousands of websites across the World Wide Web.
  • lilina
    lilina is a simple news aggregator written in PHP. No database is needed, RSS/ATOM parsing is done by the MagpieRSS library. It features feed auto-discovery and an easy-to-use interface.
  • LnBlog
    LnBlog is a simple Weblog with some basic site management features that is designed to work well in low-cost shared hosting environments. It has support for multiple authors, multiple Weblogs, reader comments, trackbacks, auto- generated RSS feeds, permanent articles, and file uploads. It has a flexible PHP-based theme and template system that generates standards-complaint sites. All data is stored in flat files, and the file access module can be easily configured to work when PHP's safe mode is enabled.
  • MagpieRSS
    MagpieRSS provides an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP.
  • Miniflux
    Miniflux is a minimalist Web-based RSS reader. The content is optimized for readability, and advertisements are removed automatically.
  • MyHeadlines
    MyHeadlines is a Content Syndication Search Engine. At its core is an RSS reader that caches content from many sources and provides Full Text search capabilities. The emergent behaviour is an efficient Current Events Search Engine.
  • MyNewspaper
    MyNewspaper is a personal RSS aggregator and reader with a Web UI. It is installed as a CGI, so in order to use and manage it you need a Web browser and a Web server. Feeds are updated by a command run by cron or from the Web UI.
  • MyRSS
    MyRSS is a simple RSS feed gatherer and printer. The output of MyRSS is an XHTML document that is marked up heavily so that you can tweak the display with CSS easily.
  • MySpace Feed
    MySpace Feed is a tool that imports headlines from your blog, LiveJournal, a news feed, or other source into your MySpace (or Friendster) page by converting the headline text into an image.
  • News-Maniac
    News-Maniac is a user friendly and feature rich news script based on PHP and MySQL. It features a RSS backend, multiuser support (phpSecureSite), a newsletter system, is template based (Smarty) and multilanguage.
  • NewsOutlook
    NewsOutlook lets you set rules to receive, in your mailbox, only those Usenet articles you are interested in. Rules can be applied on article subject, author and body and are configured with a Web-based front-end. Future improvements include RSS feeds.
  • PHP feedParser
    feedParser was created due to the lack of a good, flexible, class-based RSS feed parser for PHP. It has been built as a class, and currently handles RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 0.93, RSS 1.0, and RSS 2.0 feeds.
  • PHP RSS Reader with Ajax and XML
    PHP RSS Reader with Ajax and XML is an RSS reader that is easy to use and easy to configure. It uses PHP and AJAX to get and parse the feeds, and uses XML to configure which feeds to show. Just set up the XML to your liking and upload to your Web page. It is easily customizable with CSS.
  • Plagger
    Plagger is a pluggable RSS/Atom aggregation and syndication software. All the features are implemented as small plugins.
  • pyrfeed
    pyrfeed is an RSS/Atom client that can support several ways of connecting to feeds. It can use GoogleReader directly or via a caching database for offline browsing. It aims to use other ways of fetching RSS/Atom feed (directly like most RSS/ Atom clients, or using other Web sites).
  • Raggle
    Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby. Features include customizable keybindings, basic HTML rendering, HTTP proxy support, OPML import/export, themes, support for various versions of RSS, Screen support. browser auto-detection, and more. Raggle has been tested under Linux and OpenBSD, and should work properly under other Unix variants as well.
  • rawdog
    rawdog is an RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur. Written in Python, it uses Mark Pilgrim's feed parser. It runs from cron, collects articles from a number of feeds, and generates a static HTML page listing the newest articles in date order.
  • read4me
    read4me is a Python CGI program that reads rss feeds and, using bayesian stats, reports how much you will like the articles.
  • Rippy the Aggregator
    Rippy the Aggregator is a lightweight RSS aggregator written in vanilla PHP. It downloads headlines from a configurable list of regularly-updated Web sites, and merges the items into a single list of all the latest news.
  • rpm2rss
    rpm2rss is an RSS feed generator for a set of RPM files, designed to be run under cron control. It extracts header information from the RPMs to set all of the appropriate RSS tags for a release.
  • RSS Ripper
    RSS Ripper is a set of Python scripts that rewrites RSS feeds as required for better ease of use. After the rip and rewrite, the new RSS feed is uploaded to your FTP server for your own private re-subscription.
  • rss2admins
    rss2admins generates an RSS feed from your (log) files. It is easy to configure, and supports multiple channels (multiple logs).
  • rss2html
    rss2html takes an RSS RDF file and output the data therein as plain ol' HTML that you can paste into your web page.
  • rss2html
    rss2html is a minimalistic cmdline tool to fetch RSS news from HTTP or local files and convert them into plain text, formatted html, or token-separated strings.
  • rssgen
    rssgen is a PHP RSS generator. It does not require a database, as the information is written directly to an XML file.
  • rsstool
    rsstool is a tool to read, parse, merge, and write RSS (and Atom) feeds. It has some other functions built-in like text, HTML, or property file output, or templates with custom tags to insert RSS feeds into pages that could be uploaded to a server that supports only static HTML.
  • seisyunBroccoli
    seisyunBroccoli is a program to get Web feeds using the RSS or Atom protocols. It aims to be simple and easy.
  • Snowlist
    Snowlist is a collection of Perl scripts that can generate an RDF (RSS 1.0) feed from a mailing list.
  • sux0r
    sux0r - Bayesian RSS. A multi-user RSS aggregator with multi-category Bayesian filtering capabilities.
  • SVNFeed
    SVNFeed is a Python script that creates RSS feeds of Subversion repository logs.
  • Synclosure
    Synclosure is an RSS aggregator to flexibly download files in enclosures. It supports filter keywords, custom actions and a caching mechanism.
  • Syndigator
    Syndigator is a RSS feed reader based on Gtk and is targeted primarily at those people using Linux.
  • Tiny Tiny RSS
    Server-side RSS feed aggregator written in PHP and heavily based on XmlHttpRequest and related technologies for user interface and operation. PostgreSQL or MySQL is used as a database backend.
  • wnews
    wnews downloads and displays RSS news feeds from the web and displays them in a curses page-based user interface or in parseable line-based output.
  • Yet Another RSS Reader
    Yet Another RSS Reader is an RSS aggregator and reader that displays its results in the GNOME or KDE system tray (notification area). To view the contents of the feed just click the menu-item and it will launch in your favorite browser. It is written in Perl and uses gtk2-perl for it's interface.
  • ZebraFeeds
    ZebraFeeds is a Web-based RSS/Atom aggregator. It can be integrated into your Web site or blog with minimal effort and a high level of customization.
  • Zort
    Zort is a Web-based RSS aggregator based on MagpieRSS. It features a minimal interface, CSS/Javascript to hide feeds/categories, and caching, etc., you'd expect from a MagpieRSS-based app. By default, all feeds are returned on a single page.

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