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That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW)
This is the first edition of TWTWTW, a weekly blog promoting interesting developments in the open source world. TWTWTW seeks to whet your curiosity. The name pays homage to the satirical British TV comedy programme aired in the early 1960s. Except satire isnít the the raison díetre for this blog.

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ERP5 is a full featured high end software solution used for mission critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Customer Relation Management (CRM) / Material Requirements Planning (MRP) / Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Product Design Management (PDM) applications by industrial organisations and government agencies. Read more


  • SquirrelMail
    SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP4. It includes built-in pure PHP support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, and all pages render in pure HTML 4.0 (with no JavaScript required) for maximum compatibility across browsers. It has very few requirements and is very easy to configure and install. SquirrelMail has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation. Read more hot
  • acmemail
    acmemail is a multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gateway (or webmail program). It reads mail from a mail server and displays it using HTML on a web server. It is written in Perl, has full support for MIME (and mod_perl) and is quite pretty.
  • AeroMail
    AeroMail is a web-based e-mail client written entirely in PHP using PHP's built in IMAP functions. No future versions are planned.
  • AeroMail 2
    AeroMail 2 is the next generation of Mark Cushman's AeroMail. AeroMail 2 adds something to the original. You can now embed AeroMail in a webpage of your own design, and customize its appearance more easily. Furthermore, displaying of messages was improved to include foreign languages like Russian and Chinese, and to display HTML messages including pictures. Last but not least, spam flagging using DNS blacklists is now possible.
  • AlphaMail
    AlphaMail is a mod_perl webmail system with a C++ middleware component that is intended to make the system highly scalable. It supports many Unix variants with any RFC-compliant IMAP server (including UW, Cyrus, and Dovecot).
  • At Mail
    (commercial) At Mail is a powerful yet simple to install Web-Based Email package that supports MIME messages, attachments, automatic signup and is fully customizable to your web sites design.
  • b1gMail
    b1gMail is a German PHP and MySQL Web-based email system.
  • BasiliX
    BasiliX is a webmail application based on PHP and IMAP, and powered by the MySQL database server. It supports simple mail actions, sending/receiving attachments, an addressbook with group capability, configurable, multiple languages and multiple folders.
  • BoboMail
    BoboMail provides mail access through a web interface. It is distributed under the GNU GPL and is written in Python. It has direct support for the following MIME types: message/rfc822, message/delivery-status, multipart/alternative, multipart/mixed, multipart/report, multipart/related, multipart/digest, text/plain, text/html, text/x-vcard, image/jpeg, text/rfc822-headers, image/png, image/x-xpixmap, and image/gif.
  • CaMail
    CaMail is a highly modular webmail, designed to be used in distributed networks, written entirely in Perl.
  • communik8r
    communik8r (or c8 for short) an AJAX based webmail client which is built on top of phpGroupWare. c8 uses a RESTful interface to serve XML and XSLT to the client which generates a polished user interface.
  • CsWebmail
    CsWebmail is yet another Web mail application. It features support for IMAP, NNTP, and SMTP, procmail, rich text mail composing, backup abilities, a Clam AntiVirus wrapper, and an intuitive GUI.
  • CWMail
    (commercial) CWMail is a featured Corporate Web Mail System for institutions using the web as their primary method of access to email, or for ISPs wanting to provide their users with all the features one would expect of a modern email interface.
  • DBmail-webmail
    DBmail-webmail is a PHP application that uses PHP's mysql functions for access to the DBmail database, no IMAP or POP is used.
  • Decimail Webmail
    Decimail Webmail 3 is a web-based email system. On the server it uses a simple HTTP-to-IMAP proxy which allows Javascript code running in a web browser to communicate with an IMAP mail server. In contrast to other webmail systems little work is done on the server; most of the application resides in the Javascript.
  • Diom Webmail
    Diom Webmail is a client written in PHP to interact with an IMAP server. Diom Webmail is easily configurable, with common features like sending and recieving messages and attachements, as well as an address book, and spell check.
  • DMailWeb
    (commercial) DMailWeb is a simple Web Email Interface for ISPs, designed to complement existing Email servers.
  • Dolda Webmail
    Yet Another PHP Webmail: uses a persistent connection to the IMAP server, whereas many other projects like this reconnects for every request. This approach optimizes performance on the web server, reduces load on both the IMAP server and the network, and removes the requirement to store the user's password in-code on the web server
  • FeLaMiMail
    FeLaMiMail is a Web-based IMAP email client which is fully integrated into phpGroupware.
  • Hastymail
    Hastymail is an IMAP client written in PHP. Hastymail is designed for speed, RFC compatibility, simplicity, and security. Our goal is to create a simple interface with powerful but easy to use options that make managing your IMAP account effective and fast. Hastymail is NOT groupware. We are focused on being a functional and fast webmail client.
  • HTTPMail
    HTTPMail is a project to document the HTTPMail protocol used for Hotmail. It also aims to allow other mail clients to use Hotmail. The first way this is done is with an HTTPMail/POP3 proxy server written in Perl.
  • IMAP-PostAmt
    IMAP-PostAmt is a PHP-based web frontend to IMAP mail servers (developed on Cyrus imapd currently). The interface supports reading all kinds of MIME multipart mails, fully managing IMAP folder structures including ACLs and basic mail composition.
  • IMP
    IMP is the Internet Messaging Program. It is written in PHP and provides webmail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts.
  • JAWmail
    Just Another Web mail: a webmail written in PHP. It connects to IMAP servers and uses MySQL database backend
  • Juno Webmail Access
    Juno Webmail Access allows access to messages stored in Juno Webmail via the standard POP3 and SMTP mail protocols.
  • jwma
    jwma is based on standard Java API's (Java Mail API, Java Server Pages and Java Servlet API) and relies on some available open source technologies (Xerces, Castor, Jakarta-ORO). It allows complete control over a single store (creating, deleting, moving folders and messages), fully supports IMAP, mime, message processing, automated sent and read, and more.
  • kmMail
    kmMail is an attractive, easy-to-use and powerful PHP-based client. IMAP/POP3 support is included, and includes search capabilities, profile support for ISPs, and the most comprehensive MIME parsing engine found in any webmail package.
  • Knight's Mail
    Knight's Mail is a "webmail" application which uses XUL to render the client display. Its goal is to look and feel as close to how thunderbird looks and feels, while maintaining the positive qualities of a webmail client such as keeping settings on the server and only requiring a (mozilla based) browser installed on the client.
  • lfwmail
    lfwmail is a lightweight program written in perl. It will run with acceptable speed even on a Pentium 100Mhz Linux mailserver. It has just basic features and no calendar or folders but it is fully mime compatible and can handle attachments.
  • MailMan
    MailMan is a web-based email system that can be installed on any web site that can support CGI scripts. It was specifically designed to be as easy as possible to install and maintain. It has been in use in various different forms since 1997, and has benefited from years of modifications, tuning, and additions. MailMan is very robust and stable and is frequently updated with new improvements.
  • Mailpile
    Mailpile is an open source fast email client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features. It runs on your desktop or laptop computer and you interact with it by using your web browser. The goal of Mailpile is to allow people to send e-mail in a more secure and private manner than before. Read more
  • NeoMail
    NeoMail is a free client that can be installed on any UNIX mail server that is also running a web server. Its features include: Sending/receiving messages with multiple attachments, Inline image attachment display, Multiple language support, including English, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, and more can be added easily.
  • NOCC
    NOCC is written in PHP. It provides webmail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts. It has multi-language support (36 languages supported), is themable,and renders pages in XHTML 1.0 for maximum compatibility with any browser, works with text browsers.
  • Null Webmail
    Null Webmail is a simple yet powerful POP3/SMTP Webmail CGI written in C. It's small, fast, complete and a breeze to install and use.
  • Nwebmail
    Nwebmail is a client written in ANSI C. It allows users to check and send email from any web-browser. It accesses the mail spools directly for fast and efficient mail processing. It supports MIME attachments and can import/export address books.
  • oMail-Webmail
    oMail-Webmail is a Webmail solution for mail server based on qmail and optionaly vmailmgr or vpopmail. It features: 100% Maildir based, multiple language support, and mailbox search engine.
  • Open WebMail
    Open WebMail is written with Perl. It is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way. It also provides a range of features to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook to Open WebMail.
  • OpenWebMail
    OpenWebMail is a webmail system which provides a range of features to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook. OpenWebMail has the following features for users: auto-login, multiple languages and charsets, strong MIME message capability, full content search, draft folder, confirm reading receipt, spelling check, vCard compliant addressbook, POP3 support, mail filter, antispam through SpamAssassin, antivirus through ClamAV, calendar with reminder/notification, webdisk, and HTTP compression.
  • Perl webmail
    Perl Webmail is a CGI/mod_perl application that interfaces with external POP3 and SMTP services. It provides all the expected functionality of a mail client, such as read, reply, forward, delete, as well as sending and receiving attachments, storage for mail folders, contacts, and calendar notes.
  • Personal WebMail
    Personal WebMail is a simple mail system that uses CSS. It can access any POP3 email account and send email using any SMTP server. It can read simple attachments, send mail in text mode via SMTP, and use SMTP auth if needed.
  • PHlyMail
    (commercial) PHlyMail is a PHP-based Webmailer (POP3 to Web). It features skins (themes), profiles, templates, and multilingual support. It uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is also included.
  • PieterPost
    PieterPost is a webbased interface to a pop3 mailbox. It is designed to be both small and easy to use. It's not extremely feature-rich, for pop3 is not a very extended protocol. But it has all the features needed to quickly read your mail, download or send an attachment, and for some people it may even be a good alternative to hotmail or any other web-based e-mailbox provider.
  • Popper
    Popper is a mail client that allows you to access your personal mailboxes on POP3 servers.. This means that you can access (read/answer) your mails from any browser.
  • RainLoop Webmail
    RainLoop Webmail is a simple, modern & fast web-based email client.
  • RoundCube
    RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. Read more
  • rymo
    Read Your Mail Online. It features a lightweight interface and needs a POP3 server for reading and an SMTP server for sending mail
  • Spmail
    Spmail is a free email client that allows users to send, receive and filter email from the POP3 mail server while they read and compose messages.
  • Teromail
    Teromail is a free summarizing webmail with smart search that is easy to use, no configuration needed, toolbar (new message, search, logout) and mailboxes always visible, and a user interface is tested with actual non-geek humans during development.
  • travmail
    travmail is an imap based (a native php implementation of imap) webmail client.
  • twiggi
    twiggi is a web-based email client and contact manager solution for Linux. It includes the ability to securely share information with co-workers either individually or via assigned groups.
  • UebiMiau
    UebiMiau is a simple, yet efficient cross-plataform POP3/IMAP mail reader written in PHP. It's have some many features, such as: Folders, View and Send Attachments, Preferences, Search, Quota Limit, etc.
  • Usermin For Webmail
    Usermin For Webmail is a modified version of the Usermin package that is pre-configured for use as a Web-based email client. It is designed to work on systems running a local IMAP server, such as Dovecot. By default, users can read email, setup autoresponders and forwarding with Procmail, filter mail with simple rules, change their passwords, and manage folders.
  • W3Mail
    W3Mail is a fast and small web-mail client written in PHP5. It provides easy webmail access to IMAP accounts and has very few requirements to install. Features multi-language support, simple contacts manager, MIME attachments, displays HTML messages. W3MAIL supports leading open-source database engines, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Translations: English, Russian.
  • WAPMail
    WAPMail enables users to view their e-mail from any IMAP enabled server.
  • WebImap
    Fully Customisable web interface for email servers allowing web access to email from anywhere.
  • WebMail
    WebMail is a simple set of PERL scripts, it works using module Mail::POP3Client, and allows to send and receive mails.
  • werkmail
    werkmail is a browser-based mail client handling imap and pop3 mail servers. it supports attachments (viewing and sending), carbon copies, blind carbon copies, forwarding messages, replying.
  • WizMail
    WizMail is a webmail system, featuring a nice design, filters, a client to access your mail server through an HTTP proxy, etc.
  • Wmail
    Wmail is the missing desktop client for Gmail & Google Inbox. Wmail adds loads of features that mail on the web misses making your mail feel right at home on your computer. It's easy to use, fast and has all the features you're already enjoying on the web.

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